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Green moong matar kebab !

Hara moong and matar kebab are a perfect snack and starter recipe to entertain huge crowd. These are Simple yet nutritious fritters. Green moong are packed with protein and low on carbs, it is one of the best vegetarian superfoods that provides good source of protein as well.

Malai Cham Cham ! With a twist ..

Cham cham aka Chom Chom is a popular Bengali dessert prepared using freshly made chenna and stuffed with variety of fillings like dry fruits , khoya and in my case its Ricotta cheese. Cham cham does taste similar to rasgulla but the filling makes all the difference, taking it to just another level. Its a simple and easy to make ahead dessert that definitely leaves One, jaw stuck 

Mixed Vegetable curry !

I always fancy Dhaba style of cooking because of its rustic looks and bursting flavors.This mixed vegetable is one of its kind. A bit time consuming but the end result is worth all the effort.