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Maple Pecan Carrot Bundt cake !

You will instantly fall in Love with this incredibly moist and creamy Maple Pecan Carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and a bonus cream cheese center.          
    With the overflow of multiple flavours   and textures Maple Pecan Carrot Bundt cake has always been everyone's favourite including my family:)
       Carrots remain the love of all.
Might be due to the health reasons as it sources in providing Vitamin A required  to your body and also not to forget the appealing colour which attracts every kid to munch on.
A first impulse in making a cake healthy, is to dissect the refined sugar, flour and fat content in a recipe.
   I feel I have successfully accomplished the task in making it partly healthier by incorporating nature's own carrots , Maple syrup ,brown sugar, nuts and eliminating Butter completely :)
     All in All , A wholesome and healthier bake for your family, friends and little ones this Easter.
      Bake and Gorge !

Menthi Aaku Badeela Koora Recipe - Besan Muthia Cooked With Methi Leaves

Badeela Koora is a traditional dry curry recipe of Telangana household made using just a handful ingredients where Fenugreek leaves and Chickpea flour are the main ingredients.      In this recipe the Badeela or the Chickpea Flour balls are prepared and cooked along with methi leaves and tempered with mustard seeds and jeera added it a great flavor and making it a healthy indian diabetic friendly recipe. Fenugreek/Methi is very good for people with diabetes because it contains fibre and other chemicals that are thought to slow digestion and the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and sugar.  Serve Menthi Aaku Badeela koora along with steamed rice and Inguva Chaaru for an Andhra style sunday lunch and a diabetic friendly meal.

Chhena Angoor or Angoori Rasgulle.

Holi , The festival of colours marks the beginning of Spring season and is also known as The Harvest festival.         On this eve of colors , I wanted to share something colorful and equally delicious with you all.
      So here it comes the colorful Angoori Rasgulle, the smaller version of traditional Rasgulla.      Rasgulla has always been a treasured dessert of the east coast of Indian Sub continent.       The secret behind a perfect rasgulla lies in its spongy yet light and juicy texture of it.While the Rasgulla remain white, the Angoori are coloured and coated with desicated coconut.        This might sound as the simplest variation to the regular ones but let me make it clear , that it will definitely multiply the excitement.       A dessert that is equally enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of the age groups is here for you all.  Let's head towards its making.

Matar Paneer / Paneer Matar masala

Paneer Matar masala or Matar Paneer is an  exotic dish that belongs to North Indian cuisine.
     Paneer matar masala is a simple and easy dish to make,when in a rush.The exotic looks, subtle flavors, creamy gravy and not to the forget the boon to Indian cuisine the king "Paneer" make it a worthy dish and great addition to anyone's meal.
    Like any other dish even this one has endless variations and options to try for. But having a challenging palette to satisfy turns the things around and pushes you to try for something different that is not only healthy but the one that consumes less time too. Saying that, this dish gets done in 30 minutes max.
   Enough of my blabber now let's head towards its recipe  :)

White Chocolate Lava cake !

Molten chocolate lava cake is a popular dessert that combines the elements of a chocolate cake and a souffle. 
     Decadent, gooey and chocolaty lava cake is definitely a crowd pleaser both by looks and taste. 
      Earlier I've shared the Milk chocolate lava cake and this time took it step further by baking the white chocolate one. 
Yes, it's one of a kind, not much heard or made. But for our Love we always take that extra effort, don't we ?

Bake this for your Valentine and he/she will definetly feel your Love !