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Vanilla choco Leapord Bread ! Eggless !!

The trend for Leapord print is about to extend beyond our wardrobes because of this creation. This might look like an ordinary loaf but cutting through it reveals the beautiful brown and white markings concealed within. Leopard bread is a perfect tea time munch or serves as a delicious after school snack for kids. This is such a simple bread to make and also leaves everyone with a jaw stuck moment.

Kala jamoon ! Irresistably Good !!

I am eating only black until I make/taste something delectable than this !
         Kala jamoon , is the not so popular clan of the royale Gulab jamoon. Unlike Gulab jamoon this dessert has always been let down by many. The irony is , Kala jamoon tastes as delicious as Gulab jamoon does.
So its time to go Black !
The process is very similar to gulab jamoons except for, it has a green center and is fried for long. 
Kala jamoon is a no fuss , simple and easy to make ahead dessert that your entire family will enjoy!