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Dosakai/Budumakaya/Yellow Cucumber pickle !

Yellow cucumber or lemon cucumber also known as Dosakai and Budumakaya in telugu is a versatile yellow vegetable that is sweet, tangy and more flavorful than regular green cucumbers.
Yellow cucumber has no fats , no cholestrol but is a rich source of  fibre and minerals such as silica, potassium and magnesium also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid that aid in soothing skin irritations and reduce swelling.
Budumakaya pickle is a easy pickle recipe that can be done in no time requiring just few hours for pickling also contains less amount of salt and other preservatives when compared to pickles that last year long overall making it a perfectly healthy condiment for everyone !

Farsi puri !!

Farsi puri is a traditional Gujrati snack made during festivals. It gets its name Farsi from a gujrati word meaning crispy. Farsi puri is a delicious melt in mouth fritter made using all purpose flour as the main ingredient wherein it can be flavored using different spices of once choice. A feel good accompaniment for any hot beverage and my personal favorite with sweet and sour mango dip, Hmmm a match made in heaven!!

Coconut poli !

Coconut poli or Kobbari polelu (in telugu) is a traditional sweet flat bread made during festivals using whole wheat flour and stuffed with coconut jaggery filling.
This is such a simple and easy to make ahead dessert without much of a fuss or preparation.
Coconut poli is in a way a healthy dessert as it is whole wheat based , uses very little fat unlike other desserts and a comforting dish for all the coconut lovers like me ! 

Poha chivda ! Store bought types !!

Earlier i have shared the quickie microwaveversion of Poha chivda,though it is the best snack on the healthier side but this one is more like the store bought chivda , chat pata , crispy , loaded with goodness...
I bet one cannot stop with a bowl of it , Again don't blame me that i didnt warn you !! :) :)

Ridge gourd peel chutney !

We tend to forgo the vegetable peels most of the times neglecting their nutritional values which are at times higher than the actual vegetable ..
Ridge gourd is loaded with nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamin C , Riboflavin, zinc, thiamin, iron and is its peel .
Comparitively its peel is richer in dietary fibre than the gourd.
Ridge gourd peel chutney is a spicy flavorful condiment for rice, idli,dosa etc and makes a delicious spread for the sandwiches .

Thalikala paasham !

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya !
Thalikala paasham is a traditional sweet dish made during Vinayaka Chavithi in our Telangana households.Basically its done in two ways, one with sugar and the other with jaggery. We prefer jaggery over sugar both taste and health wise too :P
   The jaggery gravy with soft wheat flour noodles is one of its kind,that not only looks unique but tastes just Divine ! 
   Initially i had lot of  issues in perfecting this ,either it would become liquidy or too sweet or the noodles used to turn out hard. Though the recipe sounds simple the proportion and timing is the key to it.
So finally i could nail the dish and so sharing the same with my blogger's too !