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Biyyapu Rotte !! Rice flour Roti !!

Biyyapu rotte or Rice flour roti is an authentic breakfast dish of south hold's traditionally served with kurma or Peanutchutney!! 
             In olden days rice was soaked in water for an hour then dried in shade over a muslin cloth for days until completely dry , later it was ground/pounded into fine powder using wider motar and pestle ...but i tweaked a bit here by using readily available Rice flour which made my job easier and to my wonder the results were so similar to their's...
These roti's are cottony soft , tasty and remain so for long ....This texture makes them a perfect breakfast or lunch option !!

Ganthiya / Gathiya !!

Gathiya , Does it need an Introduction ?? Anyways a small description for the unfamiliar ones ...Gathiya are a deep fried Indian snacks made from chickpea flour and flavored with carom seeds . They are a popular tea time snack in Gujrat and North of India.They are soft , slightly crunchy and melt in mouth unlike most of the other Indian snacks..

Rava Ladoo !!

Rava ladoo is a simple yet tasty dessert  made in Telangana house holds for most of the Occasions as this can be done in a jiffy without much preparations and requires very few ingredients ..These Ladoo's are mildly sweet with subtle flavors of roasted coconut semolina and with the added crunch of nuts , making them a perfect dessert for any special day or just a holiday !!

Ooresina Kooralu - Pickled Veggies !!

Ooresina kooralu means Pickled veggies , which is a popular side in Most parts of India, served with Akki roti/ Sarvapindi, roti, poori and tastes the best with Curd rice(My favorite too ) ... Crunchy vegetables like Carrot, Raw Mango, Tindora, green chillies, radish, Garlic etc are pickled in Mustard, fenugreek, cumin powders along with citrusy lemon juice.
This is an authentic make that i grew up relishing all my childhood which was prepared by my granny and then by my mom during every summer ...without it, the summers were incomplete !!

Jowar Flour Paniyaram

Jowar paniyaram are really tasty and serve great as a breakfast or as an evening snack.These paniyaram are a no rice dumplings , an ultimate option for weight watchers too. Jowar also known as Sorghum is not only a protein rich grain but is also loaded with A,B vitamins and much more minerals, so a healthy way to kick start your day.

Maddur Vada !!

Maddur vade, is a savoury fritter-type snack from South India. Also known as Maddur vada, this snack derives its name from the town of Maddur which is in the Mandya district of Karnataka. My co sister's mom who hails from Hindupur ( at the borders of A.P and kartnataka ) introduced me to this dish ..and since the time i had the first bite of it i fell in love with its texture and flavors...just the simplest of the ingredients can also make a significant impact on ones taste buds ...

Mango Kulfi !! In just 3 easy steps !! No egg,No churn,No icecream machine !!

Summer means Mangoes !!
In Ireland its Summer now that means availability of Mangoes , having mangoes means making the yummy Kulfi out of interlinked !!
We all love mangoes and kulfi so why not try this yummy kulfi that is so luciuos , creamy and mangotic !!
This can be made with just a couple of ingredients and no fuss or time consuming process at all !!
I have been making this for years now & it is one of my guilty pleasures :) :)

Sun shaped Pull apart bread with Spicy minty filling !!

Baking breads is therapeutic for me !! 
Each step is so crucial and calls for pecision in every bake ...Though i have a sweet tooth, always favored savory breads too, might be the garlic breads, Chilly buns and now this sun shaped minty bread..this is so soft , spongy n loaded with flavors in each bite ..this serves as a great treat for your holiday evenings !! 
 This is my first attempt using Tangzhong and i feel accomplished !!

Maple and white chocolate Blondies !!

A Blondie also known as a "blond[e] brownie" is a rich, sweet dessert bar. It resembles the traditional chocolate brownie, but substitutes vanilla for the cocoa used in brownies, and contains brown sugar.These maple and white chocolate blondie's are a great change and delectable. Maple and white chocolate in every bite adds the much needed twist to the regular ones ..These serve as a great accompaniment for tea/coffee ..perfect for snacking and stacking too !!