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Aloo Chana Chaat !!

Aloo chana chaat is the simplest and the tastiest of the chaat recipes, it provides you that daily amount of protein and carbohydrates as well...This is so comforting and tummy filling. Can be done in a jiffy with just a few ingredients off u r pantry!!

Allam Pachhadi / Ginger chutney !!

Allam pachhadi is yet another delicacy of Telangana cuisine that is sweet and tangy in taste ...This is a perfect match made in heaven for the Pesarattu that is another iconic dish of Telangana, not only that but the rest of breakfast options like idli, dosa,upma etc ..Allam pachhadi can be made in minutes without any prior preparation and can be stored for weeks !!

Potato Paneer Cutlets !!

Potato Paneer cutlets are very easy to make and make a perfect starter or snack dish for the day !! 
This is a definete crowd pleaser and stands out with its suttle and soothing flavors satisfying the palettes of one n all!! These are so very addictive and finger licking gooooddd!!!!

Basbousa !! A Turkish Delight !!

Basbousa or Hareesa or Revani or Ravani is a sweet cake made using semolina or farina,coconut and soaked in a simple sugar syrup ..
The syrup may also be flavored by orange flower, rose water or saffron ..
                 It is found in the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean under a variety of names . It appears to be a variant of the Egyptian dish Ma'Mounia.
In southern Greece it is called Ravani , while in the north it is called Revani. 
It is a traditional dessert in Veria.
Basbousa is often called "Hareesa" in the Maghareb, Alexandria and Jordon.
Basbousa is a particularly popular dessert among Coptic Christians for fasts such as Great Lent and the Nativity fast as it is vegan!!
No matter what the name or the purpose is, this is the tastiest treat that is so simple and the easy to make at any time of the year ...with a couple of steps and ingredients ...

Eggless Potato Garlic Chilli Bombs !!

Potato garlic chilli bombs are flavor packed with a twist of mashed potato ..that not only enhances the taste but texture too !! These tiny rolls does'nt need much of kneading unlike the other bread rolls so an easy option for amateur bakers !! These serve as a perfect tea time munch or as a side to u r hot soups ...

Vegetable Hot And Sour Soup !!

Delicious Hot and sour soup need not be chicken nor too complicated all the time..My vegetarian take on this soup is very easy to make n very tasty as the authentic chinese one !! This hot n sour soup that is spiced up with green chilli sauce, pepper powder is so very flavor packed with an added sour tinge of vinegar and with all the veggies that are added make this soup a happy meal all by itself ...

Cinnamon Raisin Rolls !! Eggless !!

Cinnamon rolls with a burst of cinnamon and sweetness from raisins & mix of sugars are perfect for breakfast / brunch / as a snack on the go !! These are so addictive n finger licking good !!
     Cinnamon roll also known as Cinnamon bun/swirl/danish/snail is a sweet roll served commonly in Northern Europe and North America ..This roll is commonly used as a breakfast or dessert with flour, cinnamon, sugar and butter as main ingredients which provide a robust and sweet flavor.Cinnamon roll is often served with cream cheese topping or sugar icing ..

Hyderabadi Masala Vada !!

Masala vada is as popular as Mirchi bajji n widely sold street food of Hyderabad that is loved n consumed by many ...Masala vada is made using chana dal as the main ingredient, its soft interiors n crispy exteriors with a sprinkle of coriander powder n salt is a perfect tea time munching..
This is so simple n easy to make at home without any expertise and running to the market for ingredients ...

Paneer Tikka Masala !!

Paneer tikka masala is an Indian dish made using marinated paneer that is grilled and cooked in a spicy gravy ... It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala that is mainly made using of paneer...
The yoghurt spice marinate and grilled veggie paneer mix takes this dish to yet another level than the regular paneer gravies..The grilling adds that rustic burnt flavor that is so unique n authentic ...

Kobbari garelu / Coconut fritters !!

Kobbari garelu is an authentic recipe of our telangana households that i adapted from my Mom !! It is super delicious with suttle flavor of coconut and cilantro , crushed green chilli blends so well with the rice flour giving it that natural taste without any spicy masala's ...
Serves great for breakfast and brunch !!

Idli Manchurian !!

Weekends always remain special as it is family time n lazy time which makes the space for that extra special snack ...
But we ladies do not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing such things , so we're always in search for that easy,quick n tasty finger foods... Idli Manchurian is an awesome snack/Appetizer  that is finger licking good, can be made in no time using simple ingredients right from u r pantry n moreover the left over idlies from morning breakfast are put to the best use .... This will turn out an instant hit among u r family n friends and especially u r kids will tag you with the "Best Mommy" title for sure!! :) :)

Kabuli Chana Pulav !!!

In this busy world we always look for quickfix meal options that are not only easy to make but nutritious as well ...
Kabuli Chana Pulav exactly fits into that genre..
Kabuli chana / Garbanzo beans are loaded with both soluble n insoluble fibres , high in protein n magnesium levels . These beans induces feelings of satiety, there by cutting down the intake of unwanted calories and keeping your appetite under a clever option for weight watchers too .. :) :)

Mushroom Matar Masala !!

Mushrooms are very healthy, low in calories, cholestrol free, gluten free and very low in sodium as well ...Despite of all the nutritional facts i feel that Mushrooms are the most ignored as far as Indian cooking is concerned...
Mushrooms can be used in utmost recipes delivering best dishes ever !!
Falling into such genre is this Mushroom Matar masala ...a tomato based , perfectly flavored dish that serves great as an accompainment to Roti/Rice etc ...