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Multi seeded , Eggless, Butterless Bread loaf !!

Since the day we moved abroad  Bread has become a part of our diet..someway or the other we end up having bread, it might be wholewheat,multigrain ,seeded,brioche,buns, baguettes etc ,, atleast once in every couple of days..
Always wanted to bake a loaf  all by myself but never attemped thinking of the process and also as breads are much cheaper n easily available in the stores at any time of the day n year...
But when the bread making becomes as simple as this it becomes hard to control u r hands ..Lol !!
So atlast baked my very first Multiseeded Bread loaf ...Really delighted with the turned out spongy n perfect ...let's head towards its making without further delay ...

Cream Cornets !! Eggless !!

Cream cornets are perfect snack / dessert option..creates a wow effect instantly ...
So simple n easy to make includes multi steps but not complicated at all..
When i was a kid saw these beauties displayed in the bakeries but never felt like tasted them as they always took secondary place when compared to pasteries ...this is wat is called irony when they were easily available never tasted but now took all the effort to make from scratch ..hmm...
Better late than never ...Lol !!
 The soft n flaky bread cones filled with sweet whipped cream ..Yumm Yumm..tastes heavenily !!

Avoid Staining of Tupperware or plasticware !!

We are so addicted to storing leftovers in tupperwares they are compatible, airtight n easy to handle when compared to glassware ...But thinking of all the staining n marks made by the residue's of tomato based like spaghetti n pasta , turmeric and red chilli powder based like curries n gravies makes me sick...All those red n yellow stains are tough to get rid off..
     Have you ever thought of avoiding the stains in the first point ...
Many might be startled by my question as to,how can we avoid ?? 
My answer would be yes we can avoid them....

KaramPodi !! Spicy lentil powder for Idli / Dosa / Uttappam !!

Karampodi is a perfect dip for Idli / Dosa / Uttappam and many more, with a added spoonful of ghee makes it a awesome flavorful accompainment ..
So simple n easy to make...
Can be made n stored for months...

Veggiestrone Soup !! Healthy and Perfect meal by itself !!

Veggiestrone is a perfect meal/ brunch dish for anytime of the day..Loaded with veggies and beans makes it unique, tasty and standout, than any other soup...
A clever way to feed your kids who are fussy to eat veggies n beans...Tastes so tasty n appetizing ..I usually never like soups that much but to my wonder I started with one and ended up having three bowls of it...Lol!!
Without any added sauces n flavors , this turns out to be a tasty treat to the palette n eyes as well , with the lovely colors of veggies n beans...
Perfect guilt free meal to kick start your without any further delay lets head to its procedure...

Besan Ladoo !! Without Mawa !!

One of the easiest Indian desserts to make , Besan ladoos..These are so flavorful and melt in mouth dessert..These can be made in no time and perfect for any occasion or holiday season too...Need just a couple of  regular ingredients which makes the task even more easier...

Spicy Mini Samosa !! Haldiram's Style !!

Haldiram's Mini samosa's are so crisp , spicy n full of flavors and my family loves to snack on them !! 
As many of you are aware that i love experimenting n replicating store bought snacks , as homemade are much more healthier falling into the same genre are my Mini Besan Samosa's...yumm yumm !!
These taste way too good than store bought...filled with roasted besan , spices and nuts , makes them unique and standout from regular samosa's...i bet you cannot stop with one !!
No matter how many you make , you will definetely fall short ..for sure !!!
Moreover it has a really long shelf life ..but i wonder will they last that long ??? Hehehe !!

Millet (Bajra) Dosa ! Reduces affects of Migraines !!!

Millet is mentioned as a Treasured Crop in the Bible !!!
This tiny grain is gluten free and packed with vitamins and Minerals like Magnesium...
Its often used in bird seed mixture , but if you think its just for the birds, you're missing out on important benefits of Millet Nutrition for yourself !!
  Magnesium in Millet helps in reducing the affects of Migraines which has a become a common health concern of one in four ...
And Niacin (vitamin B3) helps to lower cholestrol ...

So All in All a perfectly healthy n nutritious recipe for everyone !!!

Cheesy Corn Pops / balls !!

Cheesy corn balls are perfect party appetizers..Very cheesy n flavorful snack loved by one n all..
This can be made in no time ...
With kids around the house ,with vacations this is a perfect finger food for them...
Loaded with the goodness of cheese and corn that are not only rich in protein and calcium but also provide the required amount of dietary fibre my view it is a healthy n nutritious snack too !!

Shahi Tukda / Tukra !!!

Shahi Tukda ...its literal translation means "A piece of royal food " !! It is a Toasted bread piece with added rich flavors of creamy rabri and Saffron ..
Shahi tukda is a easy peasy dessert that can be made in a jiffy for any occasion with minimal effort n ingredients ...Moreover the stale/ old bread lying on  your dinner table, that no one is paying attention to , works great for this !! ...
It is so flavorful , creamy n crunchy ...yumm yumm !! This is like a fusion of Rabri and double ka meetha the popular dessert from Hyderabad !!!

Cassata ! Multi flavored Ice cream ! without egg / condensed milk !

Its a Lengthy post kindly bare with me for amazing outcome !!!
Cassata icecream is multi layered n flavored icecream...It originated from Sicily , Italy ..
Traditionally it has a sponge cake as the base then layered with different flavored icecreams..
But from the place where i grew up eating this i.e Hyderabad ..this icecream is made n sold without the sponge..
I was around 8 yrs old when i tasted it for the first time in Asrani International hotel ..sec.bad..since then i have become an ardant fan of it ... so following that restaurant style , here is my version of it..

Masala Besan Poori !!

Masala besan poori is an authentic dish made in our households...It is packed with flavors of the ground greens and a bit sour becoz of the lime juice...This is mostly prepared for breakfast n much preferred snack during long journeys as it stays good for a couple of days !!
My mom stuffs the poori with besan n masala mix like we do for parathas ..then rolls n fries...but doing it that way is time consuming so did it my way, the easy way out...

Medu Wada !!! Crispy n Light !!!

One more authentic n  most loved breakfast dish by Indian's is Medu wada and most preferred snack during hot summers is Dahi wada...
These both are the simplest dishes ever to make...but making it the right way is most important to yield perfect outcome similar to the restaurant types...

Dahi Wada !!! Cool Cool snack for hot hot summers!!

Dahi wada is a perfect snack for hot summers !! Tastes so moist n cool when it slides through mouth..!!
This is the simplest n easiest snack ever to make ..but making it the right way is important to yield perfect restaurant quality results !!

Eggless Fruit n nut Biscuits !!! Karachi Bakery style !!

Fruit n nut biscuits are a definite buy whenever we visit India !! These Karachi bakery goodies are so filled with flavors of tutti frutti , cashews n raisins..
They are crunchy on the outside with soft center's....
These biscuits are perfect for snacking and serve as great accompaniment for tea...
These are loved by one n all irrespective of  their age !!!

Aloo Gobhi Saag !!!

Aloo gobhi saag is a popular North indian gravy ...It is versatile n one of a kind...
The golden fried potato n Cauliflower with the saag gravy takes it to just other level..Its like the fusion of saag n regular aloo gobhi..
A perfect main course ...goes well with any roti / Naan / rice dishes..
So comforting n earthy goodness , mild n suttle gravy ..appeals to everyone's taste!!

Handvo !! Gujrati snack !! Lentil bake !!

My Take.. On The Gujrati Delish Handvo...,,,  I've become a die heart fan of it from the day i ate it at our farewell party in USA,, made by my dear Aunt n friend Harsha ji...but  never took the initiative to attempt it...who says only pregnant woman crave, even we do... since yesterday started to crave for it n here it comes The Golden Baked Handvo!!!!!!!!! 
Easy to make no expertise required...

Peanut chutney !!! For idly/dosa !!

Are you bored of regular coconut chutney ..try this Peanut chutney..
It is unique and bursting with flavors..
Goes well with any dosa / Idli ...
Can be done in no time with a few a alternative when we are out of Coconut or daliya...

Quinoa Sago dosa !!!

Quinoa sago dosa is a perfect option for breakfast...
Quinoa is a good gluten free source of protein,iron and fibre...
This is a flavorful way to get in a serving of whole grains..
Whereas Sago seeds are rich in carbs n calcium is the startch extracted from palm trees..
Giving your body that essential amount of carbs in addition to other nutrients is important too...
What could be a better way to provide them, than this !!!

Cleaning the Oven / Cooker !! Eco friendly way !!

Living abroad has its own pro's n cons like any other ....Once you start living away you realise that you don't have any additional help might be from maids, servants ,parents or in laws...u need to do all the chores by yourself..
Cooking is one task whereas cleaning is another biggest task...
Everynight i make sure that I clean up everything n get to sleep but oven is always laid behind..
Today was my day to clean it it was big time since i did..
After all the baking we do it tends to become sticky n here's a eco friendly n unharmful way of cleaning ..many might be aware but sharing it again !!

Multigrain Pesto Braid !!!

Giving your body that daily amont of Nutrition is really important so,apart from all the other dishes make this Multigrain Pesto braid that provides a good source of dietary fibre along with other vitamins n minerals..
This braid is so versatile,easy to make,contains multigrain wholewheat and the pesto filling is full of flavors loaded with garlic n pinenuts ...Don't think anything else could be as tasty, flavorful n healthy as this!!

Moongdal Khasta Kachori !!!

After the moongdal namkeen its yet another moongdal delicacy , the traditional khasta kachori..
The crispy n flaky exteriors with flavorful n crumbly Dal filling makes it a perfect tea time accompaniment...

Moongdal Namkeen !!! Not Haldiram's!!!

We usually buy our namkeen from Indian stores but suddenly thought of giving it a shot, n made at home...
So started with the basic Moongdal my surprise it turned out exactly the same as store bought...Really crunchy n chaat masala that I added gave it the extra homie touch...
Without any further delay sharing it with you ...

Protein packed Milk bread !!! Best Bread for kids !!!

Being a vegetarian i'm always concerned about my kids balanced diet...want to give them just the best food i.e full of nutrients.. Breakfasts and dinners are very well taken care of as it is had while at home but the lunches...hmm... They usually prefer sandwiches for lunch but kids got bored of white n wheat breads ...tried bagels n rest too but nthg seems to be attractive anymore... So wanted to make something that is rich in protein n calcium as they are important nutrients for growing kids ...n tried my hands on making this Milk bread that is more like a slice of rich , power house cake... I am quiet happy with the result n moreover just a slice serves the required nutrients for the day...

Bombay / Karachi halwa ...easiest way ever !!

Really excited to share this post as it is my first hundredth post...Yay !! Made it to 100!! with all u r support n encouragement..
When u share a good news its always done with a sweet following the same tradition here is my version of Bombay / Karachi halwa...
Punjabi Chandu Halwai Karachiwala is a well known Halwai shop in Mumbai.It was originally established in Karachi in 1896.
Its owners moved to Mumbai after the partition of India.Karachi halwa , also known as Bombay halwa was popularized by Halwai's moving from Karachi..
Its making procedure differs from region to region...Maida / cornflour/ sago is used as the main ingredient in its making...
I prepared it using cornflour which made my job easier than ever !!!

Eno expired Clean Silver !!

Looking at my silverware i was disheartened as to how black n tarnished , they have become over years of usage...Tried cleaning with soda as seen on food blogs but my bad didn't workout to that extent...
Last week while i was sorting out my medical unit , found that few medicines including Eno fruit salt have expired ...
Threw away the pills immidiately but suddenly an idea struck my mind the eno is a fizzy drink containing lemon etc why not use it for cleaning silver or copper without any further delay attempted the experiment and to my surprise it turned out great silver started to shine as new...
Time to clean the rest too !!!

All u need is expired / New Eno fruit salt ...wet your silver in water n get scrubbing the fruit salt all over the silver item using a tooth brush ,,and later wash with clean water ...tadaa perfect as brand new...hardly took any time ..done in few mins...
**Do not wet the eno too much as it looses its active ingredient ( bi carbonate ) …

Khajur / Dates n Nuts roll !!!

Khajur roll was in my to do list since long but never attemped ..i know lazy me !!! Atlast i tried it yesterday n it surprised me to a great extent ..was really skeptical about the taste ...never realised that dates n nuts would go so well together...pity me !!
As everyone is aware of the fact that Dates are wonderfully delicious , and are one of the most popular fruits packed with an impressive list of essential nutrients , vitamins and minerals that are required for normal growth , development and overall well being of kids n women especially...
This fruit is rich in dietary fibre..a moderate source of Vitamin A and excellent source of Iron and Potassiums ..also rich in minerals like Calcium , Manganese , Copper and Magnesium...So when a treat is packed with these many health should never delay in making it so lets head to the process...

Carrot Cauliflower Overnight Pickle !!

Today all of a sudden I was craving for some spicy n tangy pickle ...  As a south Indian always loved to have pickles...might be the instant veggie ones or the traditional Mango ones..
Raw mangoes are not yet available here so tried this Carrot Cauliflower pickle instead ...this absolutely matches my cravings...hence desire fulfilled...
This pickle is so tasty n flavorful yet done in a jiffy ...requires just a few ingredients that are lying in our pantry...

Aloo onion Curry for Dosa !!!

Aloo Onion curry.. a perfect dish for stuffing your dosa 's or as a side to poori as well...
This is a simple and authentic dish that's been made by hoteliers since years...
No matter which dosa you ordered this one will be for sure accompanied with it, right from Masala dosa's to rava dosa to poori...

Red Chutney For Dosa !!

This Red chutney is so versatile and one of its kind...Serves perfectly as a spread on Mysore masala dosa  or as a dip to any dosa and idli varieties...
It can be done a jiffy with just few ingredients off the pantry !!

Mysore Masala Dosa !!!

Mysore Masala Dosa is the breakfast and brunch speciality of Karnataka Cuisine.Tastes way too impressive than the regular masala dosa.The ingredients used in making the batter and the red chutney,  the spread over the dosa just makes it unique and stand out to regular ones
Fermentation is the key for a perfect restaurant quality dosa. 
Golden ghee roasted crispy dosa with the combination of aloo curry , sambhar and red chutney yielded exactly the same!

Whole wheat Tutti Frutti bread !!! Eggless !!! Butterless !!

As a kid , I loved to eat britannia fruit slices a lot ...
Wanted to bake something similar to it,  but this time a healthy one too...
This variation of wholewheat , buterless and eggless is perfect n turned out to be delicious than the regular one...
Its hard to make out that it is wholewheat..
It is so moist n flavorful that original ones definetely fall behind...!!!

Batata Pav / Potato stuffed buns !!!

One amongst the other plus factors of Mumbai is Vada pav..i might sound silly but trust me .. I loved eating Vada pav's more than anything while our stay in Mumbai.. But making them at home from scratch is a multi step process.. Making the vada's then the pav and the chutneys..phew !! time consuming.. Then i came up with a thought why not stuff the vada inside the pav n bake ...healthy & can be done in no time..moreover no deep frying.. So here is my very own Batata pav !!! Aka Potato stuffed buns !!!

Aluminium foil rings for buns making !!!

All the yeast proofed bakes spread and rise a lot but to ensure that they turn out in perfect shapes these foil rings help out a lot..
Metal rings are also widely available in the baking supplies stores especially for these purpose but i couldnt find them  so guess what,I made them myself  using aluminium foil ...
All u need us aluminium foil , a stappler and a ruler / scale ...

Hyderabadi Osmania Biscuits !!!

Osmania biscuits are pretty famous biscuits sold in Irani cafes of  Hyderabad,Telangana.. These biscuits got their name after the last ruler of Hyderabad , Mir Osman Ali Khan.. To make any evening perfect , All u need is a cup of Irani chai n osmania biscuit... A perfect balance of sweet and salt makes them stand out and unique when compared to other biscuits... Making them at home is also a pretty easy join me and make it yourself ...

Spicy Brinjal Rice !!! Vangi rice with a twist !!!

Brinjal is known as king of Vegetables...
It is one of the most loved veggies...
Right from Bhaghara Baigan to Vangi bhaat,what ever made using Brinjals always turns out to be a super hit...!!
As i speak of Vangi bhaath , the popular dish from Karnataka is made using spices , tamarind and couple of lentils that are roasted and powdered ...
I wanted to try something other than regular Vangi bhaath so i came up with this Spicy n Flavorful ...Masale daar ...Brinjal rice  !!!
It is not only easy to make but also so addictive and bursting with flavors ...make it once you will definetely make it on regular basis...Trust me !!!

Gajar ka Halwa !! Just in 20 mins !! Made in Microwave !!

 I think i mentioned  earlier a couple of times that I love sweets ..but this time it was my kids request for Gajar ka halwa.. Traditionally its made using mawa , gajar , sugar and lots n lots of ghee ...not only that it is loaded with fat but also its time consuming, moreover lots of stirring n cooking oriented.. But guess what, i made this in Microwave, in hardly 20 mins using a tbsp of butter just to satisfy me mentally !! Lol!!

Ground Rice Uthappam !!!!

Ground rice also known as rice rawa or Biyyapu rawa( telugu )...It is nothing but semolina kind ,made with rice instead of wheat..
Uthappam is a wholesome breakfast dish made using ground rice and urad dal ...
Ground rice is readily available in market but not that difficult to make at home as well..
No matter how many dishes you make,  but at times all you need is simple n comforting food!!