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Sweet Corn Cutlets / Pattice !!! Easiest ever!!

Sweet Corn also known as Sugar Corn is mildly sweet by nature due to its Starch content..These Kernels are rich in dietary fibre n Vitamin C with 0% cholestrol n fat..
      Sweet corn cutlets are regularly made using fresh corn on the cob...but these are not available through out the tried with frozen corn..
I was really skeptical about the outcome, that they might turn soggy n chewy but to my wonder they turned out crunchier n tastier than ever...

Set Dosa !!!

Set dosa is a spongy , light n fluffy dosa!!
It is a popular breakfast dish from karnataka served in majority of restaurants n fast food centres across India..
A set of dosa's are served with mixed vegetable stew known as sagu and coconut chutney..
Their spongy n light texture makes it unique and one of a kind !!

Badam /Almond Burfi !!! Simple yet tasty n unique !!!

Almond burfi is so suttle n mild in sweetness but has its own unique nutty flavor .... It is so simple yet so loved dessert ..can be made and stored much ahead of the occasion or festival... Almonds are very rich in Vitamin B and E... They lower the bad cholestrol..aid in weight loss...helps to strengthen the bones and teeth.. Moreover the sugar content in this is low when compared to other desserts  ..overall making it a perfect dessert for any occasion!!!

Calzone / Folded Pizza , 50:50 version !!!

A Calzone is an italian oven baked filled pizza , shaped like a folded pizza. The Calzone originated in Naples..  Taste wise their might not be much of a difference to that of  a Pizza but look wise it definetely differs .. For me as a sweet lover it more looks like Kajjikaya but the savory version ..Lol !! No nothing to do with sweet just kidding ...!!

Tiramisu !!! Italian dessert !! Egg or no Egg ??

Tiramisu is a classic italian dessert !!! It is the coolest trifle available around the world.. The authentic recipe calls for Baileys but i made it kids and non drinkers friendly way..             The Mascarpone custard layered with whipped cream and coffee soaked ladyfingers ...i know feels like "Heaven in dessert"...any coffee or cream lover would definetely want to have more n more...I have not used any eggs in the recipe but biscuits contain egg ,, so heading justified Egg / No Egg !!!

Eggless Ladi Pav/Dinner Rolls !!!

Ladi pav mean row of breads , these are so soft , spongy n mildly sweet !!!
These bread / dinner rolls when served with bhaji ( curry )  makes it a Pav bhaji..the same when stuffed with a potato patty makes it a vada pav... no matter how you serve , these pav's / dinner rolls are so soft n tasty that they do not require any accompaniment...
Tastes great when dunked in milk or tea as well...
As a kid, always observed people eating these pav breads with a cup of tea in front of irani hotels ,as breakfast before heading to work!!
                  Now lets move to its ingredients n procedure...

Sev / Sanna karapoosa !!!

Sev or Sanna karapoosa is a authentic snack recipe made using besan n rice flour..
This serves as a perfect accompainment for tea / coffee...Works great for any chaat recipes too...
Karapoosa is so easy n simple recipe to make at home ..can be done in a jiffy without any preparations...
Stores well for several weeks too...
Absorbs very little oil  making it a perfect munching for kids n adults as well...

Vegetable Hakka Noodles !!

Hakka noodles is a popular indo chinese style Noodles that is vastly sold at restaurants and fast food centres ..
This is favorite dish of many and enjoyed by one and all...
Hakka cuisine or Kuhchia cuisine , is the cooking style of the Hakka people, who are found in parts of Taiwan and in countries with Taiwanese communties ...
The raw materials used for Hakka food are no different from that of any other type of chinese cuisine..what you cook depends on what is available in the market ..
So there is no fixed req list for any dish..
Hakka  cuisine may be described as outwardly  simple yet tasty...

English Muffin Bread !!! Eggless, Butterless,Sugarless !!!

English muffin bread is the softest bread ever..mildly sweet n spongy goodness.. This is a eggless, butterless and Sugarless recipe wat else could be better than this!! First n foremost i need to thank my dear friend n guide Shano Biju for this awesome recipe..dear , u r bakes are always so inspiring dear..thank you is a small word but couldn't find any other adjective suitable than this !!! This recipe needs a very very few ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen...

Sarvapindi !!! Telangana delicacy !!

Sarvapindi also known as Akki roti in some areas, is a Telangana dish ( a state of India ) a famous snack or brunch dish..
It is traditionally made in two varieties either using Green chilli paste or red chilli powder...
They taste great either ways but might differ in appearance...
The authentic way of making this involved the copper bowl n coal stove..but these days those are hard to find..and moreover they were teeth breaking n jaw hurting hard to eat..but after so many trials n errors initially , i finally could make one that are soft n chewable...
These can be stored for couple of days depending on the weather..
This dish is also preferred during travel n long journeys !!

Oats and Brown rice Dosa !!!

Are you bored of eating the same old Porridge everyday for breakfast ??? ..             Try this oatmeal n brown rice dosa ...its perfect breakfast n brunch option.... Oats are the significant source of dietary fibre containing The soluble and insoluble fibers..The component of the soluble fibre found in oats is Beta glucans which helps in lowering blood cholestrol..
Now coming to the Brown rice is a highly nutritutious food..that is relatively low in calories , high in fibre, gluten free ...All in All making this dish ,a perfectly healthy way to start your day !!

Strawberry Pannacotta !! No Egg & No Gelatin !!!

Wanted to try Panna Cotta since long time but every time other recipes took over it...just becoz most of the recipes had either egg or gelatin ..And i wanted to make without those..
After doing a lot of research could finally make it ..better say Nailed it !! 
Panna cotta meaning Cooked cream is an Italian dessert of  sweetened cream thickened with Gelatin and molded..
Cream may be aromatized by adding flavors of  rum, coffee, vanilla or other...
I made my own version by adding an Indian touch to scroll down for its detailed recipe with a twist...

Quick Veggie Biryani !!!

During the weekends when hubby n kids are at home ...I just dont feel like entering the kitchen... so I always look for recipes that are quick n nutritious as well ...
There are so many versions of Biryani's out there but this is real quick no marinating, no grinding , no frying  absolutely no labour involved...moreover done in one pot ...
Tastes delish too !!!

Jowar Roti / Bhakhri !! Gluten free bread !!

Jowar roti also known as Poor Man's bread is made using Jowar flour / sorghum flour..
Jowar is growing importance rapidly becoz of its nutritional n health benefits ..
Belonging to the Millet family , the use of this grain was restricted to animal feed.However, recent research has revealed that this grain has unique benefits for humans.
When compared to rice and wheat , sorghum has a higher content of calcium .Besides calcium it is also packed with iron, protein n fibre ..
The large amounts of antioxidants present in this grain have cardiac benefits and also help in lowering cholestrol levels...
        Heading towards its procedure, As It is a gluten free bread, makes it impossible to roll but following this recipe , making Jowar roti turns out to be true bliss !!

Sunnundalu !! Urad dal ladoo !!

Sunnundalu or Urad dal ladoo is made using  the urad dal ,, as the name says...  This ladoo always amazes me , though  it needs only few ingredients to prepare , it turns out to be one of the tastiest desserts techniques or skills required ...  It is traditional south hold dessert made often during winters as the urad dal is high in  Iron, Magnesium and calcium that help one to cope up with the chilly days giving body and bones that required strength....!!! Healthy Boost for ladies carrying and New Mom's !!

Garlicky pull apart rolls !!! Wholewheat and Eggless !!!

As days get colder n colder don't even feel like getting up from the couch...but cooking some tasty meals is equally challenging !!   These Garlicky pull apart rolls with some hot hot Tomato soup serves the purpose...  The refreshing taste of garlic from the rolls and the pepper from the soup wipe away all the sore throat n snoozy feels !!!

Multi Lentil Garelu !!! Wholesome goodness !!!

Multi Lentil Garelu...
This recipe calls for a mix of lentils ie..urad, chana , and Moong dals , that makes this is a wholesome dish..
Many of you are aware of Medu wada, Moong wada , bread wada etc but this is totally a new entry for the majority ..
  This is a traditional telangana(A state of A.P) recipe made on the eve of Sankranti/ pongal..its dunked in Kheer n eaten for authentic feel...but tastes great without kheer as well..
Multi Lentil Garelu.... Is awesome for this cool winters....Heartfelt thanks to my MIL for introducing this to me.....
A real good combination of dals, whole wheat n touch of heat from Chillies makes it one of a kind ..

Babycorn Mushroom Curry !!! Scrumptious Sidedish !!

The biggest task for any wife /Mommy is to prepare something appetizing everday that is not only tasty but healthy too... I like to incorporate as many veggies , beans and lentils as i can to make the meals my today's attempt in making a curry with babycorn Mushroom turned out to be Yummilicious that wants me to share the same with u ppl... The Unique combination of Babycorn and Mushroom along with onion tomato gravy makes it one of a kind...and the added creaminess from Cashew n Milk takes it to just another level !!!!

Instant Poha Idli !!!No fermentation !!!

Yes ladies u read it right...i am talking about Instant idlies made with poha n rice rawa...and its a no fermentation batter...
    For any south Indian a true bliss is to have dosa or idli for breakfast but with this freezing cold winters fermenting the batter is pain in the neck...sometimes nothing works like keeping mear heaters ...placing in the oven with light on those times these types are the best alternatives...they turn out real soft n fluffy that will definetely amaze you !!!

Many of them have asked for easy breakfast recipes so iam trying to make n post as many as i heading towards its procedure...

Penne Tomato pasta with Indian touch !!!

 Pasta is the staple food of traditional Italian Cuisine ... its one of the most loved dish by one n all...But somehow i never felt connected to the Italian versions ...
Since childhood we are so used to flavors n spices that cream n cheeses loaded pasta were way too boring to me !!
So added my own twist & in a way Indianised it ...

Banoffee Pie !!! No bake dessert !!! Using Dulche De Leche !!!!

Banoffee pie is the arguably best pie i have ever tasted....was really skeptical about the outcome prior to making this but to my wonder it turned out to be the best dishes i have ever made or tasted !!!!
   Banoffee pie is an English Pie dessert made using Bananas, cream n Dulche de leche 
either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled digestives and butter...some versions of the recipe includes chocolate , coffee or both...

Dulche De Leche !!! Presuure cooker method !!!

Mission accomplished !!
Successfully boiled a can of condensed milk ..result yummy caramal..."Dulche De leche "!!!
Yumm yumm !!!
Can wait to use in my Vday spl.treat...
Hubby be ready to get blown away !!! Lol !!😆😆😆😆

In a pressure cooker place a can of condensed milk ..factory sealed..Pour enough water,so that the can is completely immersed in water...close the lid n attach the weight / whistle...Cook for three whistles..First whistle took 15 mins in total 20 mins ...Turn off the heat n wait until all the pressure is released by itself..Let the can cool completely before opening ...yumm yumm.Dulche de Leche is all ready to make fabulous desserts !!!
Caution : Allow the pressure to get realeased all by itself... Do not open the can until it cools down to room temperature...

Instant Pulihora / Puliogare !!!

Pulihora is a must made dish on all the auspicious n festive days !!! 
Remember my mom preparing the mix a day before n storing in the fridge so that she can prepare pulihora the next day ...
Even i used to follow the same until i tried out with tamarind paste...
The store bought mix were easy to prepare but was not satisfied with its taste ..but this method gives me cent percent results...moreover no prep work needed..
All u need is store bought Tamarind paste, i used Priya brand as the color n taste come out to perfection !!!

Cream Puffs / Profiteroles !!!

During our stay in germany my husband used to bring these divines almost every weekend & after moving here we started to miss them real tried my hands on it n could successfully make them,, wanted to share it with u ppl...
Cream Puffs also called Profiteroles.. small,crisp,hollow round of choux pastry is split in half, filled with loads of sweet whipped cream and then dusted with powdered sugar... 

Mix Dal Dosa !!! Protein packed !!! Gluten free !!!

Indian cuisine is not complete without Dosa!! Especially any south indian would feel incomplete without having Dosa or Idly atleast once in a while... With the changing trends they are so many recipes of Dosa out there ...might be the authentic types or the new trendy ones... So falling into the trendy zone is my Mix Dal Dosa i.e not only protein packed, gluten free it is also a no fermentation batter with very very low carb counts...peefect for week days breakfast...instead of having cereal or bread for breakfast try out this for once, u will not regret for sure !!!! Count me on this !!! So without any further delay heading towards its process....

Whole Wheat veggie Pizza !!!

Whole wheat pizza is a perfect alternative to the regular pizza...loaded with fibre and nutritions..
Every kid loves pizzas , but how far is it healthy ??? Always felt guilty internally whenever my kids asked for it tried my hands on making an healthier version...n to my surprise this tastes much better than regular ones!!!

Love Bites !!! Eggless Shortbread cookies !!!

Utterly Butterly Delicious cookies with sugar sprinkles worked in makes a perfect gift for your loved ones or as a treat for u r Valentine n apt for Birthday Parties as well  !!!
 The crisp n light texture of these cookies makes them perfect accompainment for tea time as well...
  Liked by one and all right from kids to aged..the pink n white heart sugar sprinkles excite my daughter to crave for more n more... : )  :)

Molten Lava Cake !!! Decadent n Gooey !!!

A Gooey , decadent dessert, a hot pudding with a molten middle is irresistible !
This is perfect for entertaining crowds , as it can be made away ahead of time..
I have tried countless recipes but non compares to this...
Makes perfect Lava cakes all time !!!
Once you have mastered this you can try variations using caramel , milk chocolate etc.....
WOO your Man / woman with this decadent deliciousness !!!

Apple Turnover/ Pies!!! Valentines day treats ...

Sharing this easy made dessert recipe for all the non chocolate lovers like my Hubby..
               Its not a must that all the Vday treats have to be heart shaped or Red in color or only made out of chocolate...anything made with love ultimately tastes good !!!
I know, no one would like to spend all the day whipping up some tasty dish for u r loved ones instead of sharing some quality time with them...
These Apple turnovers or pies are made in a jiffy without taking any time & are very tasty loaded with the goodness of apples n cinnamon...

Veg Manchurian !!!

Vegetable Manchurian is yet another delicacy of Chinese cuisine..These dumplings are so flavorful , loaded with veggies n apt as a starter or as a side to Noodles or Fried rice...
Manchuria is enjoyed by one and all ...especially kids love these dumplings ...and My favorite too !!!
My kids hate Cabbage n Cauliflower but never utter a single word when i serve these that are loaded with the same ...

Bhatura / Bhatoora !!!! My way !!!

Bhatura / Bhatoora is a fluffy deep fried bread from North India , especially Punjabi cuisine is not complete without this !!!
It is traditionally served with chick pea / chana masala...
It is made using All purpose flour.. resulting in softest ..fluffiest bread ever...
But i made it with a twist so check out its recipe ....

Punjabi Chole Masala !!! My way !!!

Chole masala is a delicious protein packed dish from Punjabi cuisine..It is Pretty famous all over the Globe !!!
When you step outside India this is a dish that you find for sure in any Indian restaurant or take away !!!
No wonder that It has taken the prior place in Indian cuisine...its taste n flavors keeps it forward always !!!

Rice flour Chakli !!! Crispy n crunchy !!!

Chaklis are one of the traditional savory snacks of indian khana....
No festival is complete without a crunchy munching...inorder to balance all the sweets we eat during festivals some savory or hot snack is a must !!
Chakli's are perfect accompainment for tea/ coffee....
They are good to grab n go during travel or journeys...even kids love to eat these crispy munchies...
Instead of adding butter and other fats i have used sourcream not only provides the good buttery, sour taste but also helps in getting golden color n making them crunchy...
Will mention the alternative for sour cream as well, in my scroll down.. :) :)

Bean oat Pattice / Cutlets !!! Crispy n crunchy !!!

Bean oat Cutlets are very very easy to prepare and are so versatile...The addition of Beans to the veggies makes them one of a kind ... They can be had just like cutlets with some ketchup or Mayo as dips during evenings ..or can be stuffed in burger buns to make u r own bean burger...or can be used as stuffings in tortilla wraps with some lettuce, tomato and pickles like Jalapeno , olives resulting in perfect veggie wrap ... Its perfect for fussy kids too we can hide all the nutritious food in form of burger and wrap...

Balushahi / Badushah/ Makkan peda !!!

Badushahi is a traditional dessert of Indian Cuisine..while the ingredients & outlook are similar to a glazed donut but taste & texture are totally different...
 There are so many ways to make this and many more names to call this dessert matter how u make or call ,the taste is to go flat for ,The flaky & sugary exteriors , soft & succulent interiors make this a fabulous treat for any special occasion or festivals !!!

Palak Paneer Paratha !!

Palak Paneer paratha is a protein packed dish made using spinach / palak n paneer as main ingredients.. The added flavors of spices just enriches the parathas even more.. I used freshly made paneer instead of dry store bought one and this helped me a lot to make the paranthas even more rich n creamier i said paneer was freshly made so wen i rolled the parathas n cooked , it melted n turned creamy inside ..ultimately when we bite into it , it was bursting with richness !!!         Man , this makes me drool for it once again  :) :)

Quinoa Dosa !!! No carb food !!!

Quinoa is a good gluten free source of protein, iron & fibre ...
Quinoa is a flavorful way to get in a serving of whole grains...wanted to incorporate it in our diet since long , so tried to prepare this in so many ways ,, even though they were physically appetizing n satisfying ..but mentally i was not until i tried out this Dosa !!! 
Quinoa dosa worked out perfect for us...

Tawa Pulao !!!

Tawa pulao is yet another quick n tasty street food made by the pav bhaji vendors !! If u like Schezwan rice u 'll like this too !!! This is so flavorful , tasty n mildly spicy made using the Pav bhaji masala...yes u read it rt...that's the twist in this Pulao unlike the regular pulao ...

Chocolate Burfi !!! Easiest way out !!!

My love for sweets is endless..i love the taste of sweet in any form ..(might be sweet talk  , sweet people :P ) ,chocolates , caramel , sweets or absolutely times even satisfy sweet tooth with just a spoon full of sugar or a bite of jaggery ...  So inorder to calm down my cravings i keep trying to replicate almost all the desserts available around the Globe ..hmm..big word  :) :) For now i am presenting my recent attempt of making Chocolate Burfi..its dual layered treat that has a milk creamy layer at the bottom and chocolaty rich layer at the top ... As a kid observed guests bringing home a mixed sweet box for sweet stores that had almost all the types ,their store sold / made and this was one amongst the mostly ignored sweet by many , i was one amongst them too.. But i really donno why i neglected this beauty as its so so flavorful , rich , combo of milk n chocolate is this beauty...from now on a definete yes to this one as well !!!!

Vegetable Rice With coconut milk !!!

This vegetable rice with coconut milk is so rich n creamy with the added flavors of veggies & Garam Masala...
     I dont think the pictures do enough justice to its taste !!!
Perfect recipe for lunch or dinner...
     At times the simple n quicky versions taste much better than the lengthy n back wrenching  procedures !!!

Dal Tadka !!! Dhabha style !!!

Dal tadka is a north indian dish made using multiple is one of our favorite dhabha delicasies...
It tastes great with rice , roti and phulka..
                No matter how many ever gravies or sides we make n eat...but having dal once in a while eases our comforting , nutritious n filling ...

BisiBele bhath !!!

Bisibele bhath a rice based dish of Karnataka state in India ..
Bisi means hot , Bele means lentil and bhath meaning rice...
My co.sister belongs to Karnataka and she was the one who introduced me to this wonderful spicy lentil rice...since the first time i tasted it,  i have become a huge fan of it...all we need is just some curd n papad to go along with it...
So soft n comforting food !!!