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Mota sev / Bhujia !!! Karapoosa!!!

No festive or Occasion is complete without homemade delicasies...mostly we prefer to make something sweet n something savory to balance n satisfy needs of everyone.. as no human is same ..some prefer sweet whereas some prefer savory..
So posting one of  the savory types known as Mota sev in hindi and Karapoosa in telugu..a perfect snack for crispy..crunchy n light ...moreover it does not absorb any oil..
Enough of intro i guess lets proceed to the process of making...:) :)

Eggless , Butterless Cocoa Walnut Brownies !!!

Brownies ...are the favorites of all age groups ...the added crunch of walnuts n chocochips just takes it to other level...
 A perfect accompainment for tea / coffee / milk...tastes even better with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream...i even love them with a drizzle of caramel too...

Instant Tomato pickle !!!

Tomato pickle ...this is so spicy, tangy n flavorful.. can be made in no time ... It is perfect for those times when you crave for something  spicy...moreover this takes only a couple of spoons of oil unlike those pickles that are drowned in oil ...  When i tasted this for the first time at my sister's place i was blown away with its bursting flavors !!! So here is the same for my bloggers ...

Whole Wheat Methi Matri !!!

Methi Matri ... Its one of our favorite tea time / evening snacks ...can be made in no time...moreover they are whole wheat indeed the best ones...n perfect for chilly weather too...                       I always made them using all purpose flour but in some corner was not satisfied so tried using whole wheat to my surprise they turned out even better ,,,very very flaky , crisp and so very flavorful !!!

Green Peas Poori !!!

Green peas poori ...simple n easy to make with just a few ingredients ..moreover no side dish required.. : P         Poori is every kids favorite..n my kids too..whenever i ask them for breakfast or dinner options , without any hesitation they say in chorus "Poori"...but is it that nutritious ???  In this case, the addition of green peas wipes out all the fears they loaded with protein n fibre, good to have once in a while ( only becoz they are deep fried ).....

Mint / Pudina Chutney !!!

Mint / Pudina chutney is a simple yet feel fresh chutney.. It goes well with absolutely anything.. As a spread on bread / toast/ sandwich...tastes great with rice dip for idly or versatile n tasty... Done in a jiffy with a few ingredients ...

Kova kajjikayalu or Mawa Gujiya with a twist !!!

Kova Kajjikayalu is a traditional south indian dessert n widely sold at pure ghee sweet stores...  These are quiet similar to Mawa Gujiyas (except for the suagar syrup coating )made by the north indians..           During my childhood this was one amongst our favorites & we made sure that we ate it atleast once a month ... :P  The crispy crunchy exterior , mildly sweet stuffing n the coated sugar syrup takes it to just snother level ... No matter how many new varieties arise , the authentic ones are unbeatable for sure !!

Simple N Flavorful Peas Pulao !!

One of biggest tasks for any wife, is to plan out the days menu for her family... We always look out for simple easy yet healthy ways to cook atleast three meals per day.. Falling into the same genre would be packing lunch for hubby n kids.. So today i am posting a simple peas pulao recipe that can be made in Pressure cooker or a rice cooker...

Brown Rice Dosa !!!

Brown rice one of the healthy choices n experiments that i have made in recent times... Generally we all end up thinking healthy food doesn't taste good whereas the one loaded with carbs n fat though unhealthy , yet tastes real good...n this is just a misconception ... Though some people have changed their mind sets yet not the majority of them... But after trying out this awesome recipe i feel almost everyone will accept the fact ...healthy does taste good too !!!

Methi Chaman !!!

Methi one of a kind subtle..creamy n luscious green in color...The Green makes me hungry & crave for more n more ..eating this gutt n mind both feel happy as its a guilt free food...  I very much remember it was on our first anniversary that i tasted this yumminess...When sunil ordered this along with jeera rice ...i was like Methi what ??? And he was the one who insisted me to taste this ...really thankful to him n glad that i did taste..or else i would have missed it a big time... Its so has nothing to do with appearance...!!! In this case taste...Lol !!

Kesar Kulfi !!!

No matter how old you are...Ice cream is  the one dessert that is enjoyed by one n all at any time of the year.. And if its Kulfi the classic ice cream i bet no one will say a " No " to it...and if its loaded with nuts n Saffron even better...  So without any more exaggeration ...Presenting Kesar Kulfi ... Done in a jiffy with just a couple of  items..

Schezwan fried Rice !!!

Schezwan rice !!! 
When you crave for something spicy for lunch or dinner , then Schezwan fried rice is a real good option ..
Quick n easy to prepare if u have schezwan sauce handy ...
Takes as less as 10 mins...

Crepes !!!

 A crepe is a thin pancake....
It is the street food of France made in three ways... the basic ,sweet n savory ..
 Initially i was really skeptical about trying this . 
      Sweet n savory kinds hmm...felt not that exciting..
But when i attempted it...sweet ones have become my favorites..
     The variations are endless goes well with just anything !!!
 Perfect for breakfast n brunch !!

Street style Butter Dosa !!!

By Street style i mean the local bandi wala's way of making Butter Dosa's...these are loaded with butter and are so addictive that we cannot stop visiting them...But when health point of view strucks  our mind..we never want to try it anymore...
So why to sacrifice..
Lets make at home n enjoy this beauty without a stop or pause button ... :) :)

Poha chivda !!! Atukula chuduva !!!

Poha chivda is one of the easiest and healthy snacks ..and Can be stored for days n days...   My mom used to make this regularly n stack it for was one of our favorite after school snacks ..n we sibblings always ended up fighting for the nuts n coconut pieces in it.. Simple pleasures but happiest feelings...

Foccacia !!!

Foccacia an easy n simple italian bread topped with is not only easy to make but easy to adapt as well...No fancy equipment or tools required...
         Focaccia can be served as a starter along with soup of u r choice or as a side to pasta n lasagne or can be enjoyed just like that , it tastes great as it is too !!!

Falafel, Pita bread ,Tahini !!

Falafel is a middle eastern food...this dish was introduced to me by my husband...
       During his short stay in Israel he tasted this..when he returned back home,, he was praising this dish like never before..
And it made me curious to taste it..atlast when i tasted it in an outlet ..i couldn't agree more.. 
The Falafel balls are made of chickpeas and are topped with salads, pickled olives n gerkins , and drizzled with tahini sauces...
It can be eaten alone as a snack or stuffed in pita pockets...
So without any more delay...heading towards the process...

Batata Poha / Potato Poha /Atukulu

Presenting yet another delicious breakfast recipe from Mumbai..
            The so called Batata kaanda poha by Mumbaiyyas is nothing but poha recipe made using potato( Batata ) ,  Kaanda ( onion ) and seasoned using lemon juice ...
              It is their staple breakfast recipe made very often in households n sold widely in almost all the restaurants during breakfast times...
 This is very very simple n easy dish to be made and can be enjoyed at any time of the day !!

Rava Pongal !!!

Rava pongal .....Now a days it has become a popular breakfast in Andhra and is widely available in almost all the vegetarian restaurants n even on the road side food stalls...
 All Pongal recipes are traditionally prepared with rice , However Rava Pongal is a delicious and Healthy alternative to rice. The Rava and Moongdal used in this preparation are both nutritious and filling....      So what could be better than having this for Breakfast to keep u going until lunch...     As they say Eat Breakfast as king , Lunch as a Queen and dinner as a i feel this fits into that zone very well...

Moong Dal Halwa !!!

Moong dal halwa...can never get enough of this goodness...always wondered how the store brought n restaurant made halwa was so succulent n mouth melting...
Worked a lot on this beauty inorder to get the perfect outcome ..
After so many trials n errors atlast i could nail it n deliver the same as theirs...
Glad i made it to the perfection....
      On special request from my cutie friend Preeti ...Presenting Moongadal Halwa....

Eggless Banana Walnut Muffins !!!

Eggless Banana Walnut muffins... is a very very simple n basic bake , yet so appealing & satisfying accompaniment for tea / coffee..
     Can be done in a jiffy n best for those busy days wherein u want to make something real quick ..
    Moreover using the ripened bananas lying on u r counter for days and are ready to hit the bin...
What could be better than using the same n creating these yummy treats as after school snack for kids n tea time munch for u r hubby...
    This is called Balancing waste so happy mom...yummy treat so happy kids...Great Munching so happy Hubby ... :) :)

Kadai Bhindi !!!

Kadai Bhindi is one my favorite Kadai dishes...
I love Bhindi in any form n this is one amongst them...
Its so colorful with all the veggies and the flavors of coriander n cumin powders blend in so well making it a lip smacking dish...
It is a semi gravy dish not too dry nor too gravy...
Goes well with roti, phulka , jeera rice and much more...

Besan ka Halwa !!!

Besan halwa is one of the easy make ahead desserts made with minimal ingredients lying in our kitchen cabinets..
Its my mommy dear's recipe that i always cherish to make..
During my childhood this was the one sweet i loved to eat any time of the year , it might be weekend , a holiday , Birthday or just at the time when we crave for something sweet ...
So without any delay heading to its procedure...

Dilkush !!! Eggie version...

After the eggless post of Dilkush , the irani cafe's delicacy is the same with the egg version for all the Non-vegetarians or the egg lovers..
With egg or without the taste and the flavors remains the same ...
Apologizes for the not so good pics...

Dilkush !!! Irani cafe's delicacy !!! Eggless version..

Never tasted the authentic "Dilkush" sold at       irani cafe's in Hyderabad ...
And this makes me sad, as i wasted all these          years without enjoying this delicacy..From now on this is for sure a keep.. 
Humare dil tho wakhey mein hi Kush ,,,bahut Kush hogaye.... :)

Idli !!!

What could be more satisfying  for a south Indian rather than having Idli for breakfast??
So sharing my softest Idli recipe...

Eggless Chocolate chip cookies

Deliciously unbeatable chocolate chip cookies...made with a combination of brown and white sugars are perfect for snacking n stacking !!!
I like my cookies a little chewy n  soft in the middle while the edges caramalised n crunchy  ..These serve the need very much !!
          Good for dunking in the milk too ,, 
so what else could be perfect for Mothers with picky little eaters ??

Pesarattu !!

Pesarattu , otherwise known as Pesara dosa , is a crepe like ,that is similar to dosa. It is made with batter of green gram (moong dal), but unlike a dosa, it does not contain urad dal and moreover no need to wait until fermented.           Pesarattu is eaten both in breakfast and as a snack that is popular in Andhra Pradesh. It is typically served with Upma and gingeror coconut chutney as a dip . Green chilies, ginger , grated carrot, cashews and onions are used in different variants of this snack.

Breaking Jaggery !!!

These festive days apart from making the delicacies , the other taunting task would be breaking the hard jaggery ... :(
So here's a quick solution for it..

Just microwave the block of jaggery in a microwave safe bowl for a min on high..
Remove n break falls into pieces like a bliss !!

Simple yet effective trick !!!!
Happy cooking !!!

Instant Ariselu /Appalu !!

Ariselu also known as Appalu in few places of South India is an authentic sweet dish made during festivals, especially for Sankranti/Pongal using the fresh rice crop and jaggery.
It's traditional recipe involves in soaking, drying ,blending of rice, cooking the mix in jaggery syrup , resting for couple of hours  and frying.
Phew! Let's be frank here, Don't you think it's time consuming ? Well i think it is.
And not to forget My mixer would definitely heat up and stop while grinding atleast that's for sure ..Sigh.
So, here is the quickie version that gets done in a jiffy saving our time & energy. Absolutely no compromise with its taste(as I always say) nor it's texture which definitely makes you feel like home.

Sesame Laddus / Nuvvula undalu !!!

Sankranti isn't complete without the Sesame Laddu's / Nuvvula Undalu..
These earthy goddies have always been hard on the teeth and as i grow older, I have been nervous about biting into them.
I always wondered how the store bought ones were so easy to eat ..
So my joy was endless when my experiment for these Laddus succeeded!
I could not wait any longer to share this with u guys and its perfect time too...
It takes as less as 2 to 4 mins depending on your microwave...
So lets begin the procedure without further delay...

Step wise pictures provided below for easy reference....

Sago / Sabudana Murukku !!!

My post for today ..slightly sour & perfectly crunchy Sago / Sabudana Murukku !!
       No festival is complete without homemade snacks ..
As the festival of kites i.e Sankranti is just two days away thought of sharing this crispy snacks to woo!! u r family n guests ..
  A perfect accompaniment for tea time and a perfect snack for the hungry baccha's on the terrace who are busy flying kites, engaged in kati patang fights and trying to eliminate the foes in the sky... :)

Peanut chikki / brittle !!

Festive season...Pongal /Sankranti is coming near...the first festival of the Year..
This brings back childhood memories of  Yummy pongal for breakfast ..authentic dishes prepared by mom n granny...kite flying with brother n cousins..staying for longer over the terrace..eating all sorts of snacks (til ladoo, ariselu ,sev,murukku etc ).. all these are not possible here was feeling very low to bring out the essence of Sankranti ..kick started the festivity with this crunchy Peanut Brittle.....
Tried the authentic way with jaggery n quicker version using Golden syrup...when compared ,i couldn't find any difference in texture n color ,when it comes to the taste part the one with Golden syrup has a slight caramel taste to it (tastes good% though,perfect for caramel lovers like me )..other than that both the ways are yummilicious !!!

Cranberry and Mascarpone Muffins !!!

A Big thanks to my friend Martha who shared this awesome recipe during our short stay in Germany...from then on my kids have become great fans of it...
"Cranberry n walnut muffins with Mascarpone" filling ...
Wholesome goodness !!!
Make and enjoy !!!

Masala Dosa !!!

Weekends will always remain special as its family time !!!
Presenting Sundays special breakfast "Masala Dosa" ...
So tummy filling n mentally satisfying , as it reminds me of home ...

Mix veg southern style sabzi !!!

Dhabha style khaana ...just one word comes to mind ....super duper delicious!!!
Was missing it real bad so tried my best to replicate their style n made "Mili Juli Sabzi"in their words or "Mix Veg Southern Style "in My accompany it ,, i made The 
Kulcha "!!!

Milk powder Gulab Jamoon !!! Real quickie version !!

Sweet Welcome to the New Year...always start the year with a cake cutting but this time i was in no mood to bake n decorate so took the easy way out n prepared Gulab Jamoon our all time fav dessert...And here is the same for my bloggers...
Easy Peasy way of making yet so tasty n authentic kind...

Eggless Cumin cookies !!!

Cumin /jeera cookies...
Perfect accompainment for tea time...
I bet no one can stop with one...hahaha...
This is a quick n easy recipe ...made with a couple of ingredients from the pantry...

Oats and Nuts Bars !!!

Usually we buy our snack bars but after trying this home i think we will not that anymore !!!
Kick start your day with these homemade Oats n Nuts bars !!! 
The soft centres...crunchy sides...packed with iron n protein makes it a perfect snack on the go !!!        

Malpua with Rabri !!

" Malpua with Rabri "...(quicky versions )!!! I donno why the hell i waited so long to try out this yumminess... Never tasted nor tried before this ...but Gosh let me tell u its one of most loved recipes...😁😁😁 So versatile yet its taste reminds me of so many other desserts like badushahi..Gulab jamun ...n Ariselu (in telugu )...

Kaju Pista Roll !

.My love for sweets is immense,so I always try to prepare something new to satisfy my craving.
As a child I do remember my mom's desserts  were limited to sheera's and payasam but we felt so contented. Dad usually bought sweets from stores for most of the occasions. And then it was my turn so even i used to follow the same until we moved abroad but the scenario here was quiet different and we didn't like the sweets that were available in freezer section of Indian stores at all. Then i realized and started to brush up my cooking skills.
Finally I am here now in a completely new phase of life i.e A Blogger.  So here is My first Post "kaju pista roll " !
Yes ! Drum roll please  πŸŽ·πŸŽΊπŸ“―