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Vanilla choco Leapord Bread ! Eggless !!

The trend for Leapord print is about to extend beyond our wardrobes because of this creation. This might look like an ordinary loaf but cutting through it reveals the beautiful brown and white markings concealed within. Leopard bread is a perfect tea time munch or serves as a delicious after school snack for kids. This is such a simple bread to make and also leaves everyone with a jaw stuck moment.

Kala jamoon ! Irresistably Good !!

I am eating only black until I make/taste something delectable than this !
         Kala jamoon , is the not so popular clan of the royale Gulab jamoon. Unlike Gulab jamoon this dessert has always been let down by many. The irony is , Kala jamoon tastes as delicious as Gulab jamoon does.
So its time to go Black !
The process is very similar to gulab jamoons except for, it has a green center and is fried for long. 
Kala jamoon is a no fuss , simple and easy to make ahead dessert that your entire family will enjoy!

Dosakai/Budumakaya/Yellow Cucumber pickle !

Yellow cucumber or lemon cucumber also known as Dosakai and Budumakaya in telugu is a versatile yellow vegetable that is sweet, tangy and more flavorful than regular green cucumbers.
Yellow cucumber has no fats , no cholestrol but is a rich source of  fibre and minerals such as silica, potassium and magnesium also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid that aid in soothing skin irritations and reduce swelling.
Budumakaya pickle is a easy pickle recipe that can be done in no time requiring just few hours for pickling also contains less amount of salt and other preservatives when compared to pickles that last year long overall making it a perfectly healthy condiment for everyone !

Farsi puri !!

Farsi puri is a traditional Gujrati snack made during festivals. It gets its name Farsi from a gujrati word meaning crispy. Farsi puri is a delicious melt in mouth fritter made using all purpose flour as the main ingredient wherein it can be flavored using different spices of once choice. A feel good accompaniment for any hot beverage and my personal favorite with sweet and sour mango dip, Hmmm a match made in heaven!!

Coconut poli !

Coconut poli or Kobbari polelu (in telugu) is a traditional sweet flat bread made during festivals using whole wheat flour and stuffed with coconut jaggery filling.
This is such a simple and easy to make ahead dessert without much of a fuss or preparation.
Coconut poli is in a way a healthy dessert as it is whole wheat based , uses very little fat unlike other desserts and a comforting dish for all the coconut lovers like me ! 

Poha chivda ! Store bought types !!

Earlier i have shared the quickie microwaveversion of Poha chivda,though it is the best snack on the healthier side but this one is more like the store bought chivda , chat pata , crispy , loaded with goodness...
I bet one cannot stop with a bowl of it , Again don't blame me that i didnt warn you !! :) :)

Ridge gourd peel chutney !

We tend to forgo the vegetable peels most of the times neglecting their nutritional values which are at times higher than the actual vegetable ..
Ridge gourd is loaded with nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamin C , Riboflavin, zinc, thiamin, iron and is its peel .
Comparitively its peel is richer in dietary fibre than the gourd.
Ridge gourd peel chutney is a spicy flavorful condiment for rice, idli,dosa etc and makes a delicious spread for the sandwiches .

Thalikala paasham !

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya !
Thalikala paasham is a traditional sweet dish made during Vinayaka Chavithi in our Telangana households.Basically its done in two ways, one with sugar and the other with jaggery. We prefer jaggery over sugar both taste and health wise too :P
   The jaggery gravy with soft wheat flour noodles is one of its kind,that not only looks unique but tastes just Divine ! 
   Initially i had lot of  issues in perfecting this ,either it would become liquidy or too sweet or the noodles used to turn out hard. Though the recipe sounds simple the proportion and timing is the key to it.
So finally i could nail the dish and so sharing the same with my blogger's too !

Greens Sarvapindi !!

Sarvapindi also known as Akki roti in some areas, is a Telangana dish ( a state of India ) a famous snack or brunch dish.. It is traditionally made in two varieties either using Green chilli paste or red chilli powder... They taste great either ways but might differ in appearance... The authentic way of making this involved the copper bowl n coal stove..but these days those are hard to find..and moreover they were teeth breaking n jaw hurting hard to eat..but after so many trials n errors initially , i finally could make one that are soft n chewable... These can be stored for couple of days depending on the weather.. These are filling and very satisfying so preferred during travel n long journeys as well !!

Dharwad Pedha !!

Dharwad pedha is a sweet delicacy unique to the taste of Karnataka , India. It derives its name from the city of Dharwad in Karnataka.This has an history of around 175 years . 
     This peda is traditionally made using Milk,mawa and sugar.The ingredients might sound simple,where as the process is time consuming and labour intensive as the mawa,milk and sugar are cooked for hours together by stirring continuously until all the moisture evaporates and turns into caramel like color and dry in texture.Then its cooled to room temperature later kneaded until soft using all the muscle power and later shaped into pedha's !! Pheww !!
So i came up with this quick microwave version that is not only easy to make but also yields exactly similar texture and flavor to that of the traditional one !

Apple Pie !!

An Apple pie is a dessert dish with apple as its filling and has the pastry crust on both , the bottom and the top. On occasions it is served warm with a dallop of icecream or whipped cream.This is a double crust pie with the upper crust may be a circular or a pastry lattice woven of crosswise strips. Exceptions are deep-dish apple pie, with a top crust only, and open-face Tarte Tatin.

Brownie Butter Cake !!

As the name says is a rich buttery cake, but better because it has a brownie at the bottom of the cake. This is simply irresistable with all the buttery goodness and the rich chocolate aroma , also makes it a perfect tea time crave for !!

Halwa Polelu !!

Many of you might have heard the Poori Sheera/Halwa combo , now this is some what similar to it, instead of having sheera as a side, here it is used as a stuffing ..
            Halwa Poli is an authentic sweet dish that is made in Telangana Arya Vysya community during the telugu new year Ugadi...
Though i tweaked the procedure a bit, to the healthier pan fried version instead of the deep fried authentic ones , the original recipe was inherited  from my from Mom !!

Veggie Gold Coins !!

Veggie gold coins are shallow fried fritters made using bread discs as their base and the mixed veggies as its top.. Its crispy exteriors with flavor loaded interiors are to crave for!! This is a perfect accompaniment for tea/coffee and best snack for the rainy evenings !!

Biyyapu Rotte !! Rice flour Roti !!

Biyyapu rotte or Rice flour roti is an authentic breakfast dish of south hold's traditionally served with kurma or Peanutchutney!! 
             In olden days rice was soaked in water for an hour then dried in shade over a muslin cloth for days until completely dry , later it was ground/pounded into fine powder using wider motar and pestle ...but i tweaked a bit here by using readily available Rice flour which made my job easier and to my wonder the results were so similar to their's...
These roti's are cottony soft , tasty and remain so for long ....This texture makes them a perfect breakfast or lunch option !!

Ganthiya / Gathiya !!

Gathiya , Does it need an Introduction ?? Anyways a small description for the unfamiliar ones ...Gathiya are a deep fried Indian snacks made from chickpea flour and flavored with carom seeds . They are a popular tea time snack in Gujrat and North of India.They are soft , slightly crunchy and melt in mouth unlike most of the other Indian snacks..

Rava Ladoo !!

Rava ladoo is a simple yet tasty dessert  made in Telangana house holds for most of the Occasions as this can be done in a jiffy without much preparations and requires very few ingredients ..These Ladoo's are mildly sweet with subtle flavors of roasted coconut semolina and with the added crunch of nuts , making them a perfect dessert for any special day or just a holiday !!

Ooresina Kooralu - Pickled Veggies !!

Ooresina kooralu means Pickled veggies , which is a popular side in Most parts of India, served with Akki roti/ Sarvapindi, roti, poori and tastes the best with Curd rice(My favorite too ) ... Crunchy vegetables like Carrot, Raw Mango, Tindora, green chillies, radish, Garlic etc are pickled in Mustard, fenugreek, cumin powders along with citrusy lemon juice.
This is an authentic make that i grew up relishing all my childhood which was prepared by my granny and then by my mom during every summer ...without it, the summers were incomplete !!

Jowar Flour Paniyaram

Jowar paniyaram are really tasty and serve great as a breakfast or as an evening snack.These paniyaram are a no rice dumplings , an ultimate option for weight watchers too. Jowar also known as Sorghum is not only a protein rich grain but is also loaded with A,B vitamins and much more minerals, so a healthy way to kick start your day.

Maddur Vada !!

Maddur vade, is a savoury fritter-type snack from South India. Also known as Maddur vada, this snack derives its name from the town of Maddur which is in the Mandya district of Karnataka. My co sister's mom who hails from Hindupur ( at the borders of A.P and kartnataka ) introduced me to this dish ..and since the time i had the first bite of it i fell in love with its texture and flavors...just the simplest of the ingredients can also make a significant impact on ones taste buds ...

Mango Kulfi !! In just 3 easy steps !! No egg,No churn,No icecream machine !!

Summer means Mangoes !!
In Ireland its Summer now that means availability of Mangoes , having mangoes means making the yummy Kulfi out of interlinked !!
We all love mangoes and kulfi so why not try this yummy kulfi that is so luciuos , creamy and mangotic !!
This can be made with just a couple of ingredients and no fuss or time consuming process at all !!
I have been making this for years now & it is one of my guilty pleasures :) :)

Sun shaped Pull apart bread with Spicy minty filling !!

Baking breads is therapeutic for me !! 
Each step is so crucial and calls for pecision in every bake ...Though i have a sweet tooth, always favored savory breads too, might be the garlic breads, Chilly buns and now this sun shaped minty bread..this is so soft , spongy n loaded with flavors in each bite ..this serves as a great treat for your holiday evenings !! 
 This is my first attempt using Tangzhong and i feel accomplished !!

Maple and white chocolate Blondies !!

A Blondie also known as a "blond[e] brownie" is a rich, sweet dessert bar. It resembles the traditional chocolate brownie, but substitutes vanilla for the cocoa used in brownies, and contains brown sugar.These maple and white chocolate blondie's are a great change and delectable. Maple and white chocolate in every bite adds the much needed twist to the regular ones ..These serve as a great accompaniment for tea/coffee ..perfect for snacking and stacking too !!

Aloo Chana Chaat !!

Aloo chana chaat is the simplest and the tastiest of the chaat recipes, it provides you that daily amount of protein and carbohydrates as well...This is so comforting and tummy filling. Can be done in a jiffy with just a few ingredients off u r pantry!!

Allam Pachhadi / Ginger chutney !!

Allam pachhadi is yet another delicacy of Telangana cuisine that is sweet and tangy in taste ...This is a perfect match made in heaven for the Pesarattu that is another iconic dish of Telangana, not only that but the rest of breakfast options like idli, dosa,upma etc ..Allam pachhadi can be made in minutes without any prior preparation and can be stored for weeks !!

Potato Paneer Cutlets !!

Potato Paneer cutlets are very easy to make and make a perfect starter or snack dish for the day !! 
This is a definete crowd pleaser and stands out with its suttle and soothing flavors satisfying the palettes of one n all!! These are so very addictive and finger licking gooooddd!!!!

Basbousa !! A Turkish Delight !!

Basbousa or Hareesa or Revani or Ravani is a sweet cake made using semolina or farina,coconut and soaked in a simple sugar syrup ..
The syrup may also be flavored by orange flower, rose water or saffron ..
                 It is found in the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean under a variety of names . It appears to be a variant of the Egyptian dish Ma'Mounia.
In southern Greece it is called Ravani , while in the north it is called Revani. 
It is a traditional dessert in Veria.
Basbousa is often called "Hareesa" in the Maghareb, Alexandria and Jordon.
Basbousa is a particularly popular dessert among Coptic Christians for fasts such as Great Lent and the Nativity fast as it is vegan!!
No matter what the name or the purpose is, this is the tastiest treat that is so simple and the easy to make at any time of the year ...with a couple of steps and ingredients ...

Eggless Potato Garlic Chilli Bombs !!

Potato garlic chilli bombs are flavor packed with a twist of mashed potato ..that not only enhances the taste but texture too !! These tiny rolls does'nt need much of kneading unlike the other bread rolls so an easy option for amateur bakers !! These serve as a perfect tea time munch or as a side to u r hot soups ...

Vegetable Hot And Sour Soup !!

Delicious Hot and sour soup need not be chicken nor too complicated all the time..My vegetarian take on this soup is very easy to make n very tasty as the authentic chinese one !! This hot n sour soup that is spiced up with green chilli sauce, pepper powder is so very flavor packed with an added sour tinge of vinegar and with all the veggies that are added make this soup a happy meal all by itself ...

Cinnamon Raisin Rolls !! Eggless !!

Cinnamon rolls with a burst of cinnamon and sweetness from raisins & mix of sugars are perfect for breakfast / brunch / as a snack on the go !! These are so addictive n finger licking good !!
     Cinnamon roll also known as Cinnamon bun/swirl/danish/snail is a sweet roll served commonly in Northern Europe and North America ..This roll is commonly used as a breakfast or dessert with flour, cinnamon, sugar and butter as main ingredients which provide a robust and sweet flavor.Cinnamon roll is often served with cream cheese topping or sugar icing ..

Hyderabadi Masala Vada !!

Masala vada is as popular as Mirchi bajji n widely sold street food of Hyderabad that is loved n consumed by many ...Masala vada is made using chana dal as the main ingredient, its soft interiors n crispy exteriors with a sprinkle of coriander powder n salt is a perfect tea time munching..
This is so simple n easy to make at home without any expertise and running to the market for ingredients ...

Paneer Tikka Masala !!

Paneer tikka masala is an Indian dish made using marinated paneer that is grilled and cooked in a spicy gravy ... It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala that is mainly made using of paneer...
The yoghurt spice marinate and grilled veggie paneer mix takes this dish to yet another level than the regular paneer gravies..The grilling adds that rustic burnt flavor that is so unique n authentic ...

Kobbari garelu / Coconut fritters !!

Kobbari garelu is an authentic recipe of our telangana households that i adapted from my Mom !! It is super delicious with suttle flavor of coconut and cilantro , crushed green chilli blends so well with the rice flour giving it that natural taste without any spicy masala's ...
Serves great for breakfast and brunch !!

Idli Manchurian !!

Weekends always remain special as it is family time n lazy time which makes the space for that extra special snack ...
But we ladies do not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing such things , so we're always in search for that easy,quick n tasty finger foods... Idli Manchurian is an awesome snack/Appetizer  that is finger licking good, can be made in no time using simple ingredients right from u r pantry n moreover the left over idlies from morning breakfast are put to the best use .... This will turn out an instant hit among u r family n friends and especially u r kids will tag you with the "Best Mommy" title for sure!! :) :)

Kabuli Chana Pulav !!!

In this busy world we always look for quickfix meal options that are not only easy to make but nutritious as well ...
Kabuli Chana Pulav exactly fits into that genre..
Kabuli chana / Garbanzo beans are loaded with both soluble n insoluble fibres , high in protein n magnesium levels . These beans induces feelings of satiety, there by cutting down the intake of unwanted calories and keeping your appetite under a clever option for weight watchers too .. :) :)

Mushroom Matar Masala !!

Mushrooms are very healthy, low in calories, cholestrol free, gluten free and very low in sodium as well ...Despite of all the nutritional facts i feel that Mushrooms are the most ignored as far as Indian cooking is concerned...
Mushrooms can be used in utmost recipes delivering best dishes ever !!
Falling into such genre is this Mushroom Matar masala ...a tomato based , perfectly flavored dish that serves great as an accompainment to Roti/Rice etc ...

Super Moist Banana Walnut Bread with a Browned Butter Glaze !!

I think the title says it all !! ...Anyways a detailed description about the same is worth it !!
Banana bread is such a comforting and homely bake ...This amazing loaf clears away the misconception that preparing tasty food (in this matter bakes) need lot of time n patience, as this hardly takes any time..
Moreover this recipe calls for super ripe bananas, lying over the counter untouched by u r family ...
The super moist , nutty walnut crunch , banana enriched bread with the added splash of browned butter glaze is a perfect accompainment for tea / coffee and also serves as a great after school snack ....
For the Eggless Banana Muffin recipe click here :

Navratan Korma !! Mughlai Delicacy !!

Navratan korma is a Mughlai cuisine delicacy . Navratan literally meaning "Nine jewels" that refers to the number of veggies and nuts used in this dish ..Korma also spelled as Kormaa, qorma, kurma is a dish that originated in South Asia consisting of meat or vegetables and nuts braised in a spiced sauce made with yoghurt ,cream and nut paste ...The awesome combination of these both is a "Match made in heaven " !!!
This is a mild creamy gravy that goes well with any type of rice / roti ...The creamy sauce attracts the palette of one n all ...

Coconut cookies !!

Coconut cookies are so simple to make n yet so delicious ...I bet u can never stop with one..They are so addictive n they remind me of  my childhood...During which I loved to buy these yummy goodies from Golden bakery that was just a few steps away from my parents house...These are crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy in the center as we bite into them and the mild aroma of baked coconut is just out of this world...i am totally in love with these goodies ...
Bake them urself n taste i am sure you will definetely come to know what am I talking about ....

Apple Cinnamon Roses !!

Wanted to try these Apple cinnamon roses since the day i saw the video from Tastemade ...but i was really skeptical about using cream cheese as shown in video made some alterations as per our taste and ended up using this filling that i made for Apple pies and the outcome is amazing...Apple Pies turned Apple Roses and My kids loved them!!

Vegetable Kurma !! Restaurant style !!

I love and am always fascinated about restaurant style Kurma dishes, as of how subtle n flavorful they are !!!...
Tried to replicate it a number of times but could not deliver a exactly similar tasting dish...So atlast after numerous trials and errors i could succeed and proudly say that I made it !!!
Vegetable kurma is a coconut based mix veg gravy that goes well with roti/phulka/poori /rice etc...This is very mild n flavorful unlike the other spicy and masaledar gravies...Kids and adults will equally enjoy eating this...This dish is loaded with veggies and soothing coconut gravy that makes this a healthy one too, without any added fats...

Namak paare !!

Namak paare is a crunchy crispy snack flavored with carom seeds...
A perfect snack for the lazy evenings that is enjoyed by one n all ...especially kids love to snack on these...
It can be made in a jiffy hardly without any effort and can be stored for weeks ...

Gobi 65 !!! Dry version !!!

Gobi 65 is a starter snack perfect for the winters ...This 65 genre varieties are pretty famous dishes Of indian cuisine n Street side foods ..
It is dry version without using any sauces like soya, tomato or vinegar...
Kids love these type of finger foods more than anything ... can be made in a jiffy without any preparation ...
We loved it..hope u will too !!!

Kadai Mushroom !!

Kadai Mushroom is a  mild n flavorful dish that goes well with roti/rice ...sauteed onions and peppers cooked in a tomato based mild gravy with the added goodness of mushrooms n evaporated milk makes it unique and stand out when compared to other Kadai recipes...It is so simple n easy to make yet turns out delish !! 
Cooking yummies has become way to easy !!