Malai Cham Cham ! With a twist ..

Cham cham aka Chom Chom is a popular Bengali dessert prepared using freshly made chenna and stuffed with variety of fillings like dry fruits , khoya and in my case its Ricotta cheese. Cham cham does taste similar to rasgulla but the filling makes all the difference, taking it to just another level. Its a simple and easy to make ahead dessert that definitely leaves One, jaw stuck 

Ingredients :
  • 2 liters : Full fat whole milk.
  • 1/4 cup : Vinegar
  • 2 tbsp : Semolina
  • 3 cups : Sugar
  • 2 liters : Water
  • 150 gm : Ricotta cheese(the twist)
  • 3/4 can : Condensed milk
  • Few strands Saffron
  • 2 tbsp : Milk
  • Red glazed cherries (for garnish)
Method :

Heat the milk in a deep pan. As it comes to a boil add in vinegar and turn off the heat.

Within few seconds the milk curdles and whey starts to separate.

Strain the curdled milk using a colander lined with muslin cloth and wash under running water for a couple of times to remove the vinegar.

Bring the edges together, squeeze water to an extent and tie the cloth at a height and let the water drip further for 20 minutes.

Transfer chenna on to plate and Knead once using your palm with light pressure. 

Add semolina (sooji) and knead chenna with back of your palm for few more minutes.

Take a spoonful of chhena in your hand and shape it into cylinder / oval.

In a deep pot bring water and sugar to a boil covering with a lid.

In boiling sugar syrup gently drop cham cham one by one and close the lid. 

Cook this on medium high heat for 12 to 15 minutes and turn off the heat. Let it cool down completely which might take about an hour.

By now cham cham will be more than double in size.

Transfer the cham cham along with sugar syrup to another vessel and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile start off with the filling : 

Add saffron strands to 2 tbsp of warm milk and set aside. In a microwave safe bowl add the ricotta cheese and condensed milk.

Cook on full power in microwave for 12 to 14 minutes stirring in intervals until dry.

Cool the mixture to touch and blend in a mixer until smooth adding the saffron milk. Later transfer this to a bowl.

Take out cham cham from the refrigerator and separate the cham cham from sugar syrup. 
Place them on a plate.

Make a slit in the center of the cham cham and stuff with the creamy ricotta filling.

Level the filling and smooth out the top.

Garnish with quartered cherry pieces.

Sinfully delicious popular Bengali dessert Cham cham is ready to sweeten your days and jazz up your mood.

So without any further delay make and enjoy !

My Tip:Ricotta can be substituted with mawa.
Cook mawa with enough sugar until sugar dissolves and forms semi dry mixture.


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