Dharwad Pedha !!

Dharwad pedha is a sweet delicacy unique to the taste of Karnataka , India. It derives its name from the city of Dharwad in Karnataka.This has an history of around 175 years . 
     This peda is traditionally made using Milk,mawa and sugar.The ingredients might sound simple,where as the process is time consuming and labour intensive as the mawa,milk and sugar are cooked for hours together by stirring continuously until all the moisture evaporates and turns into caramel like color and dry in texture.Then its cooled to room temperature later kneaded until soft using all the muscle power and later shaped into pedha's !! Pheww !!
So i came up with this quick microwave version that is not only easy to make but also yields exactly similar texture and flavor to that of the traditional one !
Ingredients :  yield : 24 nos
  • 2 cups : Non fat dry milk powder
  • 3/4 cup : Unsalted butter
  • 1 can (397 gm ) : Caramel Condensed milk
  • Nuts of choice for garnish              
Method :
  • In a microwave safe preferably glass bowl add the butter and microwave on high for a min or until melted..
  • Next stir in the milk powder and caramel into the melted butter..
  • Now microwave this on high for a minute , remove and stir without any lumps..
  • Continue cooking in microwave on high for another couple of minutes , later remove and stir well ..by now the caramel will be melted and turns liquidy than before ..
  • Cook this on high for two more minutes , remove and stir ..by now the moisture starts to evaporate and mixture tends to rise and starts to fold in the middle ...
  • Now continue cooking for three more minutes ...but remove and stir for every minute intervals ...

  • After three minutes of cooking most of the moisture evaporates and will turn dry , non sticky to touch...
  • Cool this mixture at room temperature until pa liable ..
  • Take a spoonful of mixture and shape them into pedhas as shown in the video...
  • Place it on a plate ..repeat and shape all the mixture in the same manner ..Once rolled allow them to cool completely at room temperature ..
  • Later store and relish while stock lasts ..
  • Delicious and unique Dharawad pedha's are ready to sweeten your occasions...
  • Make sure you use non fat dry milk powder as full fat milk powder makes the pedha's chewy and more like fudge ...
  • You can use pedha mould instead of rolling by hands ..
  • I used lemon juice extractors lid for the pattern in the middle as it looks more authentic that way !
  • I used melon seeds for garnish but you can use any roasted nuts of your choice..

Make and enjoy with your family and friends..
We love it , hope you will love them too !!


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