Mango Kulfi !! In just 3 easy steps !! No egg,No churn,No icecream machine !!

Summer means Mangoes !!
In Ireland its Summer now that means availability of Mangoes , having mangoes means making the yummy Kulfi out of interlinked !!
We all love mangoes and kulfi so why not try this yummy kulfi that is so luciuos , creamy and mangotic !!
This can be made with just a couple of ingredients and no fuss or time consuming process at all !!
I have been making this for years now & it is one of my guilty pleasures :) :)
Ingredients :   yield :16 to 18 decent servings!

  • 250 ml : Heavy whipping cream
  • 3/4 can : Condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup : full fat Milk
  • 2 cups : Thick Mango pulp
  • Few salty roasted crushed Pistachios
Method :
  • Whip the heavy cream using an hand blender or stand mixer until semi stiff peaks ..

  • Next fold in the milk , condensed milk and mango pulp..
  • Now scoop this indulgence into the moulds of your preference (popsicle moulds , bowls , matka's etc )
  • Top them with crushed pistachios cover them with their lids or aluminium foil ..
  • Freeze them for 4 to 6 hrs or until firm to touch ..
Creamy mango kulfi's are ready to lick !!
So soft , velvetty , lucious indulgence !!

Make and enjoy with u r family n friends .
Gosh !! We love it , hope you will love it too !!


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