Biyyapu Rotte !! Rice flour Roti !!

Biyyapu rotte or Rice flour roti is an authentic breakfast dish of south hold's traditionally served with kurma or Peanutchutney!! 
             In olden days rice was soaked in water for an hour then dried in shade over a muslin cloth for days until completely dry , later it was ground/pounded into fine powder using wider motar and pestle ...but i tweaked a bit here by using readily available Rice flour which made my job easier and to my wonder the results were so similar to their's...
These roti's are cottony soft , tasty and remain so for long ....This texture makes them a perfect breakfast or lunch option !!
Ingredients : yield : 12 Roti's 

  • 2.5 cups : Rice flour
  • 2 cups : Water + as needed
  • 1/2 tsp : Salt
  • Oil / ghee for frying ( optional ) traditionally not used but if you wish u can smear a drop..
Method :

  • In a deep pan add water and salt ...bring this to a boil over medium high heat..
  • Later stir in the measured rice flour and turn off the heat...
  • Combine water and flour with a wooden spoon as much as you can...
  • Now transfer this to a mixing bowl or big thali it for couple of minutes at room temperature..
  • While its still warm , sprinkle little water at a time and knead this into a soft paliable dough...
  • Later divide it into 12 equal portions ...roll them into balls and keep them covered throughout..
  • Now shape each ball into roti by dusting with dry rice flour and rolling like regular roti..
  • Heat a skillet and fry them on both the sides on medium heat until light golden spots appear and remove.

  • Continue frying all the rest in the same manner ..
  • Once fried serve them hot with any side dish of your choice !!
Notes : Knead the dough by sprinkling as liitle water as possible ...
Keep the dough covered throughout the process as rice flour dries out really fast and breaks while rolling... 
Once fried you can always smear them oil/ ghee like regular roti but traditionally its not...

Soft and light Rice roti or Biyyapu rotte is ready to hogg on !! 
Make and enjoy with your family and friends...
We love it , hope you will love it too !!


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