Kaju Katli and Kaju Apples !!

Its been quiet a while since i posted anything on my blog ...i admit it ...have been a little lazy these days ..Anyways better late than never..
I am back and here I present everyone's favorite Kaju Katli with added attraction of Kaju apples ...
This is one amongst the most loved Indian dessert by all age groups.When the procedure becomes as simple as this then, no need to wait for an occasion as well !! Looks and tastes as perfect as store bought ones ..
So lets proceed to its making without any further delay ....
Ingredients :

  • 3 cups / 300 gms :  Powdered Cashews
  • 2 cups : Icing / powdered sugar (store bought)
  • 1 cup : Non fat dry milk powder( do not use full fat milk powder as they turn out chewy )
  • 4 tbsp : water
  • 1 tbsp : Rose water or few drops rose essence
  • 1 tsp : Cardamom powder (optional)
Method :

  • Firstly using a blender dry grind the cashews into fine powder yielding 3 cups ..
  • Next sift the cashew powder using a medium holed sieve ..this helps in breaking the lumps that are formed while grinding due to the oil content of cashews...
  • Now set up a double boiler ...meaning a slightly bigger vessel filled with an inch of water that is boiled until tiny bubbles are formed..
  • Now take another big bowl that is wide enough to sit at the top without immersing in water . Next add the powdered sugar and milk powder in this bowl ..
  • Now keep stirring n heat this mixture until warm to touch ..
  • Later turn off the heat and seperate the bowl from the boiler and place on counter top..
  • Now add the powdered cashews to this warm mixture and stir well so that the milk powder, powdered sugar and powdered cashews are well combined..
  • Next add in 4 tbsp of water along with rose water n knead gently to form a dough..
  • Do not apply much pressure as oil starts to ooze out from cashews which is not good..
  • Now divide this dough ball into two portions..
  • Place it on parchment paper and roll out each portion into 0.5mm thick square or rectangle ..
  • Trim off the curvy edges and cut it into bite sized diagnals or squares using a knife or pizza cutter..
  • Slowly lift each n every piece and store in an air tight container ...Kaju Katli is ready to sweeten your day ..you can garnish it with silver warq as well ..
  • For the Kaju Apples : Take a small portion of dough n shape it into Golf sized balls ..I used the trimmed edges and scrap left over from the kaju katli batch...
  • Make a small dent over the top ..
  • Brush the walls of the balls with saffron / orange color water ...
  • Later invert and place a clove over the dent..
  • Kaju apples are ready to dig in as well..
  • There might be no change in the taste between both of them but the appearance does create a wow impact , especially on kids..
Simple , easy n tasty Kaju Katli / Apples are ready to enjoy and impress your family n guests !!

Make them n they will sweeten your day automatically !!

Homemade are always the best n healthy, moreover so satisfying ...

We love it hope you will love it too !!!


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