Shahi Tukda / Tukra !!!

Shahi Tukda ...its literal translation means "A piece of royal food " !! It is a Toasted bread piece with added rich flavors of creamy rabri and Saffron ..
Shahi tukda is a easy peasy dessert that can be made in a jiffy for any occasion with minimal effort n ingredients ...Moreover the stale/ old bread lying on  your dinner table, that no one is paying attention to , works great for this !! ...
It is so flavorful , creamy n crunchy ...yumm yumm !! This is like a fusion of Rabri and double ka meetha the popular dessert from Hyderabad !!!


  • 1 ltr : Full fat milk 
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup : Sugar
  • 4 : cardamom pods crushed
  • A pinch : Saffron soaked in a tbsp warm milk
  • 7 to 8 : Bread slices 
  • Oil for deep frying
  • 2 tbsp : Roasted n chopped nuts
Method :
  • In a deep non stick pan add the milk and bring this to boil..
  • Once boiled , add sugar ...n keep cooking on medium stirring in intervals until reduced to half and thick..
  • Later add the cardamom powder and saffron milk...
  • Now keep cooking this for 5 more mins..later turn off the heat n allow it to cool at room temperature..
  • Once cooled it will thicken a bit more..
  • Now slice the bread into triangles after removing the edges of them..
  • Meanwhile start heating up oil for deep frying in a deep pan / kadai..
  • Once its hot reduce the heat to medium deep fry the bread pieces until crunchy n golden...
  • Drain them on to a paper towel..
  • In a plate / bowl add the pieces of fried bread n pour the thick rabri over it n garnish with nuts..
Tasty , crunchy n lucious creamy dessert is ready to dig in ...
So simple n flavorful..yet made the authentic way !!
Yumm yumm i'm lovin it !!
**Old bread works great for this as it absorbs less oil n gets crunchier n golden real quick..
** If you are using the fresh bread , sun dry them for an hour or so n use..
** If staying in cold countries like me where sun is just a guest ...toast in the oven on 180°c / 350°f for 12 to 15 mins until dried n slightly crisp..
Make n enjoy with your family n friends !!
We love it hope you will love it too !!


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