Medu Wada !!! Crispy n Light !!!

One more authentic n  most loved breakfast dish by Indian's is Medu wada and most preferred snack during hot summers is Dahi wada...
These both are the simplest dishes ever to make...but making it the right way is most important to yield perfect outcome similar to the restaurant types...

Ingredients :
  • 2 cups Urad dal ( split / whole )
  • 4 tbsp Rice flour
  • 1 onion Chopped finely
  • 4 green chillies or to taste ..finely chopped
  • Few sprigs of cilantro / coriander ..finely chopped
  • Few curry leaves finely chopped
  • 1 tsp Pepper corns
  • 1 tsp Cumin seeds
  • 2 tsp salt
  • Water as needed..
  • Oil for deep frying
Method :

  • Wash n soak the urad dal overnight in enough water...
  • Next morning drain the water n grind the urad dal adding water little by little into a smooth paste..
  • The batter has to thick like idli batter..if the batter is thin it will  be hard to make wada's n they soak up lot more oil..if the batter is too thick the wada's turn out hard n consistency is important...
  • Once done grinding ...beat the batter with hand or hand beater or stand mixer with paddle attachment ...until it is light n fluffy..
  • When we drop little batter in the bowl of water it should float on top..
  • Now add the rice flour , chopped onion , coriander, green chillies , cumin seeds, pepper corns , salt n beat again for a couple of mins until everything is mixed well..
  • Leave this batter covered for atleast an hour...this helps in getting nice golden color wada's ..u can make immediately too but the color will be a little dull...
  • Heat oil in a deep pan / kadai...until hot ..later reduce the heat to medium ..
  • Now wet your hands by dipping in bowl of water n take enough batter in your palm ...shape into wada n make a whole in the centre with your thumb...
  • Now drop this to Moderately hot oil along the edges of the kadai be cautious while doing ..or else oil might spill...if the oil is too hot the wada's turn brown real quick n remain raw in the center's...
  • Add enough wada's to the oil ...n fry on medium high heat....
  • Once fried to golden transfer on to a paper towel...
  • Medu wada's are ready to eat...Serve them hot with coconut chutney n sambhar...

Crunchy exteriors and soft n light interiors...yumm yumm perfect medu wada's!!!

Make n enjoy with u r family n friends..

We love it hope you will love it too !!!


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