Cleaning the Oven / Cooker !! Eco friendly way !!

Living abroad has its own pro's n cons like any other ....Once you start living away you realise that you don't have any additional help might be from maids, servants ,parents or in laws...u need to do all the chores by yourself..
Cooking is one task whereas cleaning is another biggest task...
Everynight i make sure that I clean up everything n get to sleep but oven is always laid behind..
Today was my day to clean it it was big time since i did..
After all the baking we do it tends to become sticky n here's a eco friendly n unharmful way of cleaning ..many might be aware but sharing it again !!

4 tbsp Baking soda
2 tbsp vinegar
Water as needed..
You scale up depending on the grease !!!
Method :
In a porcelain or glass bowl add the baking soda and vinegar n make a thick spreadable paste ..u may add water if needed..
But do not add more as we need a thick paste of it..
Remove all the racks, trays , thermometer etc from the oven..
Now spread this paste all over the oven generously...
Leave this paste 4 hrs to overnight...
Later start scrubbing with a sponge pad..
The grease will come off without any effort...
Clean with clear water so that all the paste comes off...

A true bliss ..makes our job so easy n effortless !! 
Mainly it is unharmful n eco friendly harsh chemicals or defientely a keeper !!!
Get cooking n cleaning ladies !!!
Enough workout for the day !!!


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