Avoid Staining of Tupperware or plasticware !!

We are so addicted to storing leftovers in tupperwares ..as they are compatible, airtight n easy to handle when compared to glassware ...But thinking of all the staining n marks made by the residue's of tomato based like spaghetti n pasta , turmeric and red chilli powder based like curries n gravies makes me sick...All those red n yellow stains are tough to get rid off..
     Have you ever thought of avoiding the stains in the first point ...
Many might be startled by my question as to,how can we avoid ?? 
My answer would be yes we can avoid them....

 Spray the container with oil spray n then store your food...This small step helps in avoiding all the disgusting stains...and the food slips off easily from the container without sticking to it ...so an additional plus...
If u don't have spray cans just smear a little bit of fresh oil ,all over the container n then store your food...

A small but useful tip from me !!!
Happy cooking !!


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