Aluminium foil rings for buns making !!!

All the yeast proofed bakes spread and rise a lot but to ensure that they turn out in perfect shapes these foil rings help out a lot..
Metal rings are also widely available in the baking supplies stores especially for these purpose but i couldnt find them  so guess what,I made them myself  using aluminium foil ...
All u need us aluminium foil , a stappler and a ruler / scale ...

Method :
  • Take a foil piece around 36 ×30 cms...
  • Now fold this to half u will end up with 15 cms strip..
  • Now fold this again so that both the length wise edges meet in center..
  • Now fold it again the same tgat both the edges meet in center..
  • Now fold it again..both the edges meet now...
  • Now measure exactly to 32 cms and mark it..
  • Now trim off the excess..and staple the edges together...this forms in to a ring..
  • Shape it into a perfect circle ..this results in 10 cms diameter circle..i shaped using my small mixie jar which was 10 cms in diameter...
  • Make three more in the same way ...n shape them as well..
  • Tadaa !! Perfectly shaped foil rings ready for baking...
  • Grease the rings before baking..
  • Perfect buns everytime !!!
Little time consuming but worth the effort !!!


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