Sunnundalu !! Urad dal ladoo !!

Sunnundalu or Urad dal ladoo is made using  the urad dal ,, as the name says...
 This ladoo always amazes me , though  it needs only few ingredients to prepare , it turns out to be one of the tastiest desserts techniques or skills required ...
 It is traditional south hold dessert made often during winters as the urad dal is high in  Iron, Magnesium and calcium that help one to cope up with the chilly days giving body and bones that required strength....!!! Healthy Boost for ladies carrying and New Mom's !!

Ingredients :
  • 2 cups urad dal
  • 1 .5 cups Sugar
  • 4 tbsp Raw rice (adding rice helps in making ladoos smooth n mouth melting without sticking to the gums n teeth )
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 150 ml oil n ghee mix or just ghee ( u can add more if required as its the only wet product that helps in binding ...i used 50 ml ghee and 100 ml oil )

Method :

  • In a pan add the dal and rice ..
  • Dry roast these two on medium heat stirring in intervals until golden .
  • This might take 20 to 25 mins, so be patient ..this is the only time consuming step...
  • Once they turn Golden ..turn off the heat , transfer on to a plate n allow them to cool at room temperature...
  • Next , in a blender jar add sugar n cardamom pods ...grind them into fine powder..
  • Transfer the sugar powder in to a bowl n repeat grinding with roasted dal n rice..
  • Once its done transfer to the sugar mix..
  • Next heat the oil n ghee mix or just the ghee to luke warm....
  • Now add this to the Powdered dal n sugar mix..if u wish u can add some roasted n chopped nuts at this stage ,as well..
  • Now mix it thoroughly n start shaping into ladoos...

  • Once all done in air tight container n cherish till stock lasts...

Key Points :

  • *** just after shaping u will observe a shine on ladoos that is formed becoz of oil / ghee..
do not worry as they tend to dry out when stored..
*** Do not use more of oil or ghee as it will be difficult to shape n oil starts to drip ...

***I used about 50 ml ghee and 100 ml all the dals are different it might take a little more or less than do not add all at once ..add little by little n check if u r able to shape or case u r not then u can add a lil more and check...until u attain desired texture...
***Fry dal n rice on medium heat not rush as the taste n flavor of  ladoos totally depends on this...Patience is virtue !!!
Make and enjoy traditional goodness !!!
We loved it hope you will too !!!


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