Set Dosa !!!

Set dosa is a spongy , light n fluffy dosa!!
It is a popular breakfast dish from karnataka served in majority of restaurants n fast food centres across India..
A set of dosa's are served with mixed vegetable stew known as sagu and coconut chutney..
Their spongy n light texture makes it unique and one of a kind !!

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup urad dal
  • 2 cups Long grain rice/ parboiled rice / regular rice.. i used parboiled rice..
  • 1 cup rice flakes / poha thick variety
  • 1 tsp Methi / fenugreek seeds
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for making dosa's..
Method :

  • Wash and soak the dal ,rice , rice flakes and methi seeds overnight or for 6 to 8 hrs until doubled..
  • Next morning drain the water and grind into smooth batter adding water..
  • The batter has to be slightly thick than regular dosa batter..
  • Ferment the batter for overnight..
  • This batter increases a lot in volume depending on the climate..
  • Next morning add in salt to taste..
  • Adjust the consistency to kind of uttapam batter..
  • Heat a skillet /tawa...once hot add a laddle full of batter n spread in circular motion...
  • The dosa has to be thick so spread accordingly ...similar to uttapam ...
  • Add few drops of oil at the sides n center..
  • After a couple of mins flip n cook..
  • Cook for few mins ...
  • Now its ready to plate..
Serve it with dip of u r choice..!!
Tastes great with any chutney / sambhar / sagu !!
Spongy n light set dosas are all ready to serve...
Make and enjoy !!
We loved it hope you will too !!!


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