Jowar Roti / Bhakhri !! Gluten free bread !!

Jowar roti also known as Poor Man's bread is made using Jowar flour / sorghum flour..
Jowar is growing importance rapidly becoz of its nutritional n health benefits ..
Belonging to the Millet family , the use of this grain was restricted to animal feed.However, recent research has revealed that this grain has unique benefits for humans.
When compared to rice and wheat , sorghum has a higher content of calcium .Besides calcium it is also packed with iron, protein n fibre ..
The large amounts of antioxidants present in this grain have cardiac benefits and also help in lowering cholestrol levels...
        Heading towards its procedure, As It is a gluten free bread, makes it impossible to roll but following this recipe , making Jowar roti turns out to be true bliss !!

Ingredients :
  • 2 cups+ as needed Jowar flour
  • 1/8 tsp Salt 
  • Hot water as needed ( i used around 1 1/4 cup every flour is different u might need more or less )
Method :

  • In a bowl add the flour n salt..mix ..
  • Add hot water little by little using a spoon keep mixing the flour until it forms dough ball...

  • Once it forms a ball...keep it covered aside for at least half hour..
  • Later knead the dough well n add dry flour if the dough turns sticky ...
  • Next divide into portions ..roll n pat n set aside..
  • Now dip each roll in dry flour ( u can use jowar flour / wheat flour )
  • Start rolling it gently into a chapati using rolling pin as shown in video...

  • Once rolled transfer it carefully( as its gluten free it might break so be gentle n careful.) On to a hot tawa..
  • Fry like normal rotis using oil ..but traditionally water is sprinkled instead of i followed the same..
  • Cook on both sides sprinkling water..

  • Jowar roti is now ready serve it with dal or any mild gravy...
Healthy n nutritious Jowar Roti ready to slurrrppp !!!
Make and enjoy with u r loved ones !!!
We loved it hope you will too !!!


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