Dulche De Leche !!! Presuure cooker method !!!

Mission accomplished !!
Successfully boiled a can of condensed milk ..result yummy caramal..."Dulche De leche "!!!
Yumm yumm !!!
Can wait to use in my Vday spl.treat...
Hubby be ready to get blown away !!! Lol !!😆😆😆😆

  • In a pressure cooker place a can of condensed milk ..factory sealed..
  • Pour enough water,so that the can is completely immersed in water...close the lid n attach the weight / whistle...
  • Cook for three whistles..First whistle took 15 mins ..
  • so in total 20 mins ...
  • Turn off the heat n wait until all the pressure is released by itself..
  • Let the can cool completely before opening ...yumm yumm.Dulche de Leche is all ready to make fabulous desserts !!!

Caution : Allow the pressure to get realeased all by itself...
Do not open the can until it cools down to room temperature...


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