Kesar Kulfi !!!

No matter how old you are...Ice cream is  the one dessert that is enjoyed by one n all at any time of the year..
And if its Kulfi the classic ice cream i bet no one will say a " No " to it...and if its loaded with nuts n Saffron even better...
 So without any more exaggeration ...Presenting Kesar Kulfi ...
Done in a jiffy with just a couple of  items..

Ingredients :
1 can /12 oz / 340 gms  : Evaporated milk
1 can / 14 oz / 397 gms : condensed milk 
250 ml : heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp  or just a few : saffron strands
1/4 cup chopped nuts (pistachios /almonds)
2 tbsp : warm milk

(If u cannot get u r hands on evaporated milk ...just boil a litre of  full fat milk n reduce until half ...measure it to exact n use )

                             Method :

Whip up the full cream until soft peaks n set aside..
Dissolve the saffron strands in warm milk n set this aside as well..
        Now in a big bowl empty the cans of evaporated and condensed milk..stir well...
Now fold in the whipped cream gently without breaking the air ..
Next add in the dissolved saffron n chopped nuts n gently stir...
Pour this yumminess into icecream moulds or matka's or disposable cups with a popsicle stick inserted n cover with a freeze this for a minimum of six hours or overnight..
Once set remove n enjoy...
If u can hold u r cravings for a little longer then garnish them with saffron strands n nuts...


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