Foccacia !!!

Foccacia an easy n simple italian bread topped with is not only easy to make but easy to adapt as well...No fancy equipment or tools required...
         Focaccia can be served as a starter along with soup of u r choice or as a side to pasta n lasagne or can be enjoyed just like that , it tastes great as it is too !!!

                                Ingredients :
Serves 4 adults :

5 cups : All purpose flour / Maida 
1 2/3 : cup Warm water 
2 tsp : or a pack of  fast action yeast
1 tsp : sugar
1/4 cup  + 3 tbsp : olive oil 
2 tsp : salt 
1 tbsp : crushed peppercorns
1 tbsp : mixed herbs 
1 tsp : Dried / fresh Rosemary
1/2 onion  sliced 
1 chopped tomato 
Few pickled olives sliced (optional )
4 to 5 sliced sun dried tomato
Sea salt to taste..

Firstly add the sugar  , warm water to a bowl add the fast action yeast to it n stir ...
Cover it n allow to proof for 10 to 15 mins ...after which u will observe the yeast activated n turning frothy...

Once proofed add in the olive oil ...
In a bowl add the flour n salt ...mix well...
Now make a dough of it using the yeast mix ...the dough will be sticky n soft..
Now in a 15 / 6 " baking tray add generous amount of olive oil say around a couple of tablespoons and brush it evenly...

Now add the dough to the tray n press as even as possible...
Now cover this with a damp cloth or with  cling film n place it in a warm place for an hour or until doubled..
( i preheated my oven to as low as possible ..then placed the tray in it , turning off the oven )

Once doubled ...make small indentations with u r thumb or shown in pic..

Now brush the top with additional 3 tbsp of olive oil , sprinkle some salt , crushed pepper, italian herbs and rosemary..
Next gently press in the sliced onions, cherry / chopped tomato and sun dried tomato (and olives if using...)

 Now bake it in a preheated oven at 425°f / 220° c oven for 18 to mins or until a light golden crust is formed...
Voala !!! Baked to perfection !!!
Allow it to cool for a couple of mins ...Now slice it n enjoy ....

 Happy Baking !!!!

Yumm Yumm !!!


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