Brown Rice Dosa !!!

Brown rice one of the healthy choices n experiments that i have made in recent times...
Generally we all end up thinking healthy food doesn't taste good whereas the one loaded with carbs n fat though unhealthy , yet tastes real good...n this is just a misconception ...
Though some people have changed their mind sets yet not the majority of them...
But after trying out this awesome recipe i feel almost everyone will accept the fact ...healthy does taste good too !!!

Ingredients :
1 cup Brown rice
1/2 cup urad dal
1tbsp chana dal 
1tbsp Moongdal
1tsp Methi / fenugreek seeds
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking Dosa's

Method :
Wash n soak all the ingredients except salt in enough water (preferably warm water ) for 4 to 6 hrs or until rice gets plumped up...
Drain the water n grind this into smooth batter adding water if required...
Keep this batter overnight or for 8 hrs until fermented..
Unlike other dosa/idli batters it does not get doubled or tripled in volume...u just observe a slight sour smell n find few small bubbles over the top...

Now add enough salt to the batter n adjust the consistency like the regular dosa batter.
Now heat the skillet or tawa n pour a ladle of batter n spread in  circular motion..
add a few drops of oil to the sides n centre..
Cook on medium high heat until golden brown need to flip...
Once done serve these crispy healthy dosa's with any chutney of u r choice..
Tastes good with sambhar n karam podi too...


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